About us

With steadfast dedication we intend to unfold the evergreen news content catering right from a child’s wonder till a genius’s intellect. We are the synergy of journalists, lawyers, modern physicists, professors, doctors , psychiatrists, brain performance experts and mystics committed to decode the most abstract trending notions to our audience searching for the answers from red fine journalism blended with ultra modern jurisprudence. Modern Physics reveals that all the stars, galaxies, comets and planets we see in the sky are just one percent of the Universe, all the rest is SPACE , the dark energy and the dark matter.In the light of this we call our venture NEWS- SPACE.

Herculean efforts we make to drill through the darkness and expose the issues that demand public attention in broad daylight. Not only do we envelope mesmerizing and bewildering developments from the world of sports, politics, international diplomacy, national/international polices , law enforcement but also strive to bring to you the enigmatic discoveries of modern science and cosmic singularity beyond space time continuum.

We are adamant to unmask the truth in its absolute purity without distortions to our online family and to leave no stone unturned not to remain confined to the tip of the ice berg but to dive within the greatest oceanic depths, enriching and empowering our readers and viewers with the infinite mysteries hidden within.

Your love and a sense of belonging with News-Space is the fuel of encouragement that we need to rise like a crescendo in this pursuit of truth. With reverence infinite to each drop of your encouragement we drive motivation to grow and remain committed in sharing wisdom and knowledge with th family of our viewers and readers in India and abroad.

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