The Fantastic Four

Fantastic four and the 'Back to future' day

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Aayush Tiwari –

Mun, buddhi, chitt, ahankar are the fantastic-four we take as our theme of ‘back to future ‘ day today

Back to future is meaningful only when we understand that there is no future in reality. The unconscious movement of human fear wave creates it and equally illusive is the concept of the trifurcated time.

Let’s go and with your permission to deliver that comes from my direct explorations rather than sounding like some information freak.

Sense organs bombard “us” with stimulations and the endless game of stimuli-response begins. The game of cause- effect begins. But hault!

What is this “us” that processes the stimulation? What is at the beginning of the first cause that ignites the nuclear chain reaction of effects?

This “us” is the super nimble processing by the ‘fantastic four’ mun, chitt , buddhi ahankar. They process the stimulus before our external response comes and the process is too fast.. Simultaneous processing by these four generates a sardonic wave that is imprinted on the spiritual retina and a part of it comes out externally that we call the ‘response’.

Mun or the Mind is always that devil that wants more. ” The more the devil gets the more it wants” . Buddhi is the universal dissection that rips apart facts to understand them ( hence super intelligent god Ganesh is represented with a mouse by the Hindus) Chitt or consciousness is the sakshi bhav . The pure witnessing . Ahankar is the ego or the perpetual comparative analysis that causes all the misery.

If some vairagya has happened in life and the sense organs are withdrawn from the mundane. The observer then manages to channelise his life energies taking a 180 degree turn . Self witnessing happens as this ‘fantastic four’ working simultaneously are witnessed. As this happens the crux of advait vedanta gets revealed to the consciousness. J.K’s “Observer is the observed” starts making more sense and the consciousness gets rooted in soul instantaneously. This is the point of timeless realisation as in this observation there is no mind in between. The consciousness is the observer and with this the future is dropped immediately. The point is reached where it gets verified that future is just a projection of mind , not a reality and we welcome you to Back TO Future day , 21st October.

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