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The court room humour.

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Advocate Aayush Tiwari-

Watched Jolly LLB? Dint that scene make you jump laughing as the judge yells at the lawyer(played by Baman Irani) and then asks for a cup of tea for both.

It is a classical example of the court room humour that brings smile even in the tensed court atmosphere.

‘Smile when it hurts the most’. This quote is very near to my heart as it is spiritual as well as the need of the hour. What if, you can smile even in an atmosphere as tense as a serious court room. Well , history is decorated with such moments where even the long faced- suspects, the lawyers and the judges have all burst into laughter. The wits, the presence of mind and the spontaneous Akbar Birbal type conversations , Tenalirama type wao still make this happen. This happening is called the “courtroom comedy” or “the courtroom humour” and it is always just so exquisite, spectacular.

Let Google also have some fun. Zap through Justice Goldberg’s poem while he is pronouncing the verdict in this context.

We conclude for today with William Makepeace’s poem King Canute, a classical satire on king’s and his courtiers that still makes me laugh .

“Sliding after him like a shadow
Pausing where he chose to pause.

Even a frown the king’s face contracted
Down the courtiers dropped their jaws

And when king was minded to laugh.
Out they burst in loud

‘he- haws ‘ !”

Stay tuned as the legal week will be back with certitude to keep you flabbergasted 🙂

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