Durga ‘pujan’ is MIMO but ‘Visarjan’ is primo.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Oups, our minds can’t perceive beyond the 3 dimensions. So the status and symbols, the codes and scriptures are indispensable. They take us to the point from where. We jump from the forms to formless. That jump across the bhav-sagar.

“Prabhu mudrika male mukh mahi,
Jaldhi langh gaye acharaj nahi”
Hanuman chalisa

Soul is formless, shivatv is formless, vaishnav is formless. But we can observe only the forms. So the status are indicative, symbolic representation of the truth. Bruce Finger pointing towards the moon.

Visarjan means for nine days of puja we did the worship, we tried to understand the forms of Devi. Now we are ready to dissolve in the river of eternity. Ganesh Visarjan , Durga visarjan are festive , celebrative. We need to learn that now after pujan the finite perception of ours need to say jai mata di dissolving the ego in the infinite eternal river of wisdom.

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