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The 3- dimensional Devi-Demon war.

(Durga Saptshati scientifically revamped)

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Navratri special

Aayush Tiwari –

In furtherance of sketching the outline of Durga Saptshati( From Markendey Puran), today we delve deep surfacing the latent science and pragametic relevance behind Devi-demon war.

The three prime characters, their co-relation with the three gunas of nature are elaborated in the previous blog. This one is attributed to reflect on the spirit science underpinning it

The war at the level of body , mind and soul. (The tri facet war of tamo, sato, rajo gunas) is on full swing.

The first dimension is the human body. The fight between Vishnu and Madhu, Madhu-kaitab ( symbolically that continues for 5000 years) is related with the impediments a spiritual seeker confronts at the level of body. Getting over the bodily pull is most arduous. For example it is comparatively easy to deal with psychological pains but can one hold the breath for more than a couple of minutes? Can one fight against the thirst, the hunger? At the level of body it took 5000 years evem for Lord Vishnu to get over Madhu Madhu-kaitab and that also he could manage with the eventual assistance of mahamaya having ruffled Madhu, Madhu-kaitab. Let it be reminded that these demons Madhu-kaitab ( chapter 1 , Durga Saptshati) are born out of Lord Vishnu’s earwax and hence are primarily corpus (when even Vishnu is put to sleep by the mahamaya) .

The second character, (chapter 2- chapter 4) is the confrontation of Mahishasur with Mahalaxmi(Durga) at the level of mind. The way war is described is the vacillations of mind a seeker has to silence, in order to restore the natural chidhood harmony with inner being. The war is so symbolic and relevant even today that it gives goosebumps as one dives deeper down the layers of inner exploration. For instance, during the war Mahishasur starts digging the earth on an astronomical scale. Connect it with the land minings happening today and you will be bewildered. He hurls the mountains from its horns towards the Devi prakriti and you see the dynamites and the consequent landslides that are global threats today. That’s why the wise men say these Durga Saptshati, Mahishasur Mardini, Upanishads and such ‘Noscitur- a -sociis’ are not just folklores but eternal master pieces of timeless spiritual literature.

The third character Maha Saraswati putting an end to Shumbh/Nishumbh is happening at the level of consciousness moving towards the soul and hence even more subtle. For instance, the Rakt-beej as the agent of the great devil. A thought that branches out from thoughts itself and Devi chandika and Kali drinking his blood
Chand mund and devi Chamunda with her Khappar are iconic of the phases where the consciousness is rooted in thoughtlessness till some extent . As of now we confine this science till the level of thoughts itself , till Mahishasur vs Mahalaxmi. Till here we have just seen the tip of the ice berg nevertheless and shall take pride to shed light on what lies below at the level of soul if the quest of our readers motivate us for the same.

May the grace of devi ,chime your heart bells this Navratri.

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