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Yo, yo ‘Money’ Sing and the ‘Amazon’ reversed.

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Aayush Tiwari –

“Money is honey,
My dear Suny,

A rich man’s joke,
Is always funny”.

(Poet unknown)

It’s not the time to disco, countrymen. When at least one tenth Indian GDP is still a product of outsourcing. What will happen to this tremendous youth energy as the AI aggravates its employment onslaught.

These BPOs ( Business Process Outsourcing) these LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) , these call centers, these consultancies and our youth. The system ( computer) on which they do the thak thak for eight nine hours and that AI camouflage.

Where will they go? In crimes or in drugs? This modern Crime/drug combo loves unemployment and is basking like crocodiles in winter sunlight witnessing tremendously delicious population ready to jump in the river of drugs infested with digital alligators.

The software developers , the doctors and the lawyers can definitely procrastinate this manane as they stand very far in the queue, but the buddies dancing in the weekend parties on “Yo, yo Honey Singh” must be vigilant to this ‘AI’s ‘ Yo Yo ‘Money’ Sing!

Whats there in the stand by option to face the music of “Yo, yo ,money Sing” is in question.

“Well! our package is good , promotion awaits so whats there ‘ in ‘for me” asks the assistant manager of Xyz consultancy . The “future generation “, yak forget it and returns to the thak thak thak.

So , why should I have all the fun. Yet it is expedient in the intrest of humanity that I leave a bottomline.

Jeff Bezos started selling books in 1996 on his brainchild when the internet was growing at the rate of 170 per cent. Today what is Amazon we know better than Bezos as his upstream flow with the flux did all the rest. However now a reverse Amazon needs to flow in order to keep the Amazon forests of creativity evergreen. Back to poetry and attaching a commercial angel to the
it is needed. Back to creative content creation and discovering the finance it can magnetize.

Copy -paste will all go “waste”within next 5/10 years . So back to Vedanta and the classics with the economical prosperity it unearths is indispensable. Reverse Amazon flowing back from the Atlantic ocean of chat gpt to its origin at the Andes, is needed. On the way lies many financial aspects yet undiscovered and only those undiscovered George and Canyons shall give refuge to the unemployment explosion that awaits.

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