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The Mozart Of Chess makes laziness go viral on the internet.

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Aayush Tiwari –

As per the 2023 highlights , the most watched chess video amongst billions of games, is the game played by the Mozart Of Chess, Magnus Carlsen arriving at the venue with just 30 seconds left on the clock.

Just like on Bill Gates, Magnus declared the checkmate within 30 seconds , this time too it was a super human intuitive play crushing the opponent within this left time frames.

As Garry Kasparov wrote a best seller titled “How Chess Intimated life” , this video of the chess sleeping beauty unfolds a thousand lessons for mankind. For example the speed of light is the fastest and Bill Gates (Whome Carlsen had defeated within 30 seconds wrote his best ) wrote his revolutionary ideas in “Business @speed of thoughts” , this game proved something even faster than the thought. . Actually the Quantum Mechanics ‘particle entanglement theory” proves that there is something faster than light and thought both and this this game established in reality.

This mind boggling speed is underpinned by the power of intuition and the highest rated player ever, Magnus had said a number of times that he plays via intuitions.

There is a technique called the ‘intuitive hunch’ technique and is explained in detail in Gita In Binary Codes series in detail. In the mean time better we analyse more life changing lessons to be learnt via this video adding fuel to fire in our sub conscious new years resolution. Apart from this to use the power of intuition for perpetual betterment , the abstract notion will be explained precisely by for free.

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