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‘Turiya’ bled maths that Ramanujan called Devi.

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Aayush Tiwari –

If you have ever been overawed by Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematician that bewildered even mathematics let’s go ahead. If you have watched the Hollywood mega hit based on his mesmerizing life ‘The man who knew infinity’ , this yarn is for you. If you haven’t watched it, this blog is definitely for you. So those professors at Cambridge had just written a problem and in a blink answered Ramanujan. The answer that came had nothing to do with the flow of time. Before the problem was written the answer was there . Asked the professor, How did you do? So fast did you do! Oh what did you do? Still they are researching on how did he do? How feeble could be any verbal reverence for GH Hardy, the angel who saw that in Srinivasa Ramanujan that Alexander The Great saw in Porus.

Let’s mark the inception exploring how Ramanujan did this. And can we somewhat learn that blaze. Learn is the wrong word as mind and time has nothing to do with Ramanujan. Only taping consciousness can help. So let’s take an example. Madam Marie Curie once said “When I really get blank, I leave the problem on a paper and go to sleep. The next morning as I wake up sometimes I find them solved”. She had solved the problem in a state of attentive sushupti. Now what is sushupti. In sleep, when dreams also cease to exist the mental vacillations are zero. This is when consciousness touches its source , the soul or the Atman. Again let me explain when mind vanishes in sleep yet you are breathing, your heart is beating. At this moment something extraordinary happens that is not a function of time but the dance of the cosmic consciousness. (Jagat chetna hun anadi ananta, a revered verse of Shiva in this context ). Sushupti is also there in a “power nap”. This sushupti can also come about in meditation. Just a few minutes of sushupti in 24 hours fills up up with so much life energy that you toil relentlessly for that brutal struggle awaiting in daylight. In office in business and in the moments when you really don’t mind your business.

The Advait Vedanta hence divides consciousness in four stages. Jagriti, Swapn, Sushupti and Turiya. (The wakefulness, the dreaming state, the dreamless state and the fourth, that is still ineffable).

If you are a racer and as you go automatic, the running without the runner In those few minutes attentive sushupti is there. If you are a singer and you get in trance those few moments of trance when the singing goes on but the singer is absent. It’s the state of sushupti. If you are a dancer, and your dance becomes tandav. Then when dancing goes on but the dancer isn’t there , attentive sushupti is attainded If you are an idiot and yet you are silent, its sushupti. If you are a genius, yet you have to speak . Sushupti is there.


Moving on to the pathless land of Turiya. The enigmatic the timeless.

Goswami Tulsidas said Hanuman ji took over his pen and Ramcharitmanas, was on the paper. ” Beyond time, beyond mind is this creation. He mentions in the rudrashtakam ‘ Na janami yogam, japam, naiv pujam’ (neither I know yoga, nor chanting, nor prayer) it’s that descends from Turiya and holds my pen and writes the unprecedented. In his case the deity was Hanuman Ji. Lord Ganesh was the deity that poured ‘Mahabharata’ out of Ved Vyasa. Ganesha Ji is hacking ved vyas from the zone of Turiya and the Magnum Opus Mahabharata, enveloping the Bhagwat Gita unfolds. When Turiya descends it’s creations are magical, miracles, timeless and ineffable. So was Ramanujan’s Devi .

‘My Devi bleeds maths’ said Srinivas Ramanujan on his death bed. Hardy was there in tears. Ramanujan woke up in a near death state raising his weary head. As he opened his eyes it fell like a gaze of a hawk on Hardy’s car. And the car number was 1729. With the expressions of Jesus on cross, said Ramanujan “It is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.” Decades after decades the research went on and Hardy insisted “If Ramanujan said this, it has to be true’. Finally it was found to be true decades later. Yes his Devi bleed maths as she whisper from the zone of Turiya , “

Nirakar omkar mulam TURIYAM” .is the code if this articulated in the Rudrashtakam about turiya. These days you see Indian chess prodigy Pragananda with the same kind of tilak on his forehead, and you see that Ramanujan’s flair on chess in his games. Turiya is the pienal gland called the third eye that secrets ambrosia. ‘Triyambakam yajamahe ‘ of mrityunjay mahamantra in Rigveda is the sutra. No one can say what is Turiya , but when it showers in a Ramanujan, the Devi that communicates non verbally really bleeds maths .

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