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The ‘Online Chess revolution’ and it’s revolutionary bump on Indian prodigies.

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Aayush Tiwari –

“Chess is a game that requires time” , oh , gone of those Bobby Fischer days when this belief was associated with world’s most beautiful game. Just like the 5 day Test cricket adapted itself with the changing times in the ODI format and further into the T -20s the king of indoor games doesn’t lag behind as well.

With the ‘bullet format’ that ends in a minute till the rapid chess layout (10 to 5 minutes) per opponent, the transformed era of the chess universe has changed everything drastically. Online chess platforms have brought the entire global phenomenon in the pocket with far more viable , far more accessible and far more hyper involving effects. The online rating system of the chess websites keeps the game competitive while chess puzzles, opening theories , grandmaster games and so on keep on adding colours in goddess Caissa ‘s brilliance. For the novices as well as for experts the online chess revolution is meeting right from a child’s wonder till a genius’ intellect. The online competitions are add life to it and the possibility of layman turning into a professional is adding some rock music in the background.

Intuition, memory, pattern recognition, creativity, intelligence , there is hardly any faculty of brain that chess doesn’t improvise. Fortunately with this online sonic boom a dozen of Indian chess prodigies like Grandmaster Pragananda, Gukesh, Nihal , Visit, Pentala are getting the much deserved celebrity status.

Young Pragananda who depicts a Ramanujan kind flair in his games has been appointed by ISRO to contribute in space research based on this level of IQ while IM Taniya Sachdeva represents “beauty with brain’ on the lines of Anna Rudolph and the Botez sisters. Overall, in a nutshell , consciously as well as “precisely’ an entire generation is paying a rich tribute to Vishvanath Anand’s legacy and the dynamics seem to never end with these champs adding feathers in the Indian cap every year. Chennai has recently been turned into the a chess hub with the Olympiad 2022 organised by FIDE in the city.

The fact that chess is an Indian invention emanates positive vibes of national pride while the folklores
( One of them being most common is the astronomical figure reached by the inventor of chess doubling the rice grains per chess board square eventually ruffling up the emperor) still give goosebumps to the listeners. Movies like the “Pawn Sacrifice” connect the young generation with world’s most watched historical combat between American genius Bobby Fischer and Russian World Champion Boris Spassky amidst the cold war (that too when chess was unanimously considered synonyms to military superiority) . OTT series like the Queen’ s Gambit , on the other hand prompts girls to come out of the Barbie Buzz and glitter the world on the lines of Beth Harmone as depicted in the series.

Chess and technology share a unique relation too. It had been loved by mathematicians and scientists right from Albert Einstein to Oppenheimer and their games are available online. Gary Kasparov and his legendry games IBM supercomputer ‘Deep Blue ‘ had rocked the world in the 90s and the streak continues with the ‘Mozart of chess’ Magnus Carlsen entertaining the world in his spectacular encounters with AI superbot ” Lela Zero”.

Between October 2020 to April 2022, saw their number of monthly active users getting doubled from roughly 8 million to nearly 17 million . Mind blowing are the figures observed by too in this context. So if you are also a chess lover and nostalgic, like me, remembering those good old days with chess and Nana ji and Shyam Chacha and papas deliberately loosing, better don’t lag behind. Reincarnation of childhood is needed , download the most suitable chess app for you and enjoy the hypnotic hangover by welcoming yourself in these exquisitely unique chess echo systems .

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