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I am back again

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Aayush Tiwari

Remember someone underestimated.

Deceived and destroyed completely decimated.

Remember his tears plight and pain.

Magic and miracles have brought him in?

Oh, time is over for “where have you been ? “

Oh, now water is exploding and devils are crying.

The wind is burning and rocks are flying.

Thunder is roaring and blizzard is blowing.

Oh devils are shivering and lions are crying.

So listen, if you are an angel of heaven.
Or even if you are the ruller of hell.
In the same old battle of no and yes.
He banged and bumped for the ultimate YES.

Life was to him the game of chess.
One wrong move could make it over.
So he stabbed Caesar like Cassius did.
And refrained from being that dicy Brutus.

A hurricane hence comes of untamed actions.
Storms hence rage that demolish mind’s mansion.
With Florence’s resurrection to cure the gashes.
The bones of devils are turned to ashes.

Defeating defeat winning all fears
To make dead alive to turn live dead.
To fall like a crater to rise like a tide.
From the hands of God he snatched his life.

Remember that voice , recall that face.
Same is the pace, same is the ace.
Oh gone of the days oh gone of the days.

In lion’s Lamborghini rovering those ways.

Like pheonix from ashes – HE IS BACK AGAIN.

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