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Risk – A Poem by- Aayush Tiwari

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Ayush Tiwari –

If your zeal is massive and your time is less
With courage too enormous your fear you forget
Then get ready to cross through the serpents that hiss
As you can’t go further if you can’t take risks

Between rise and fall between life and death
Between loss and gain between this and that
A powder is smeared, causing breath to freeze
And this explosive gunpowder is known as risk.

Before life’s greatest adventure to triumph one’s fears
With authentic courage, social rules you tear
To demolish the limits to live at extreme
One has to go on and one has to take risks

The ultimate suspense and that spiritual thrill
A reasonable gamble and a calculative skill
A chance to the looser a boon for ambitious
To gold acid test to make life auspicious
If your life is damp you make it crisp
Valiantly go on and valiantly take risk.

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