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Aayush Tiwari –

As you make dead alive and turn live dead,
Like you made me smile when bitterly i wept,

Like small moving stones shatter glass panes.
Like small small leaves, block suns rays.
Like small dented cracks can topple large trains.
Like tinny little insects can cause great pain.
Through deserts of my heart you shower such rains,
Oh my small little fairy , you made such a change.

As my courage gets massive but time seems less,
When lofty gets dreams but fears aren’t less,
Like when queen gets killed in the game of chess.
You appear smiling and giggling, in your dark black dress.
And i breath peak bliss and bear extreme pain,
I fly in skies and fall in drains,
In forests of life as twilight gets dim,
You appear with a torch as darkness gets thick.
As life get damp you really make it crisp
, you stand wearing necklace between snakes that hiss,
To be blessed with your grace , it takes life’s risks.

Though silence and voice are both great strength,
But as i voice my silence nothing gets left.
It happens with your texts such realisations drew.
As flood of blood in the drops of dew .

But as volcano is innocent before explosion
Like beauty is beautyful before seduction,
Like glory is innocent before destruction,
You are an angel of angels, above that vision.

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