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Shadow without light

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Aayush Tiwari –

Blindfolded by shadows that appear without light

In a ward inside mind where guns were roaring.

Heart and mind appeared as lightning was glowing.

In that noisy silence and blissful grim.

Emotions and thoughts both were killed.

Illusions and delusions were playing their games.

The wisdom of the soul was covered with shame.

The gun of thoughts and bombs of heart.

Were eclipsing twilight pointing at God.

As smoke emanated laughter started crying

Blindfolded by shadows that appeared without light.

Neither the heart was wrong nor the mind was right.

But both were slaughtered for left after right.

As mind and heart stood on spear.

A space appeared that exists beyond prayers.

A rainbow broke in the middle of the night

From the moon that was shining despite “Sunlight”.

Light of shadows were forming a hill.
Consciousness was climbing that hill with a rope.
At the top of the hill a zone it reached.

Like freedom from freedom that comes without hope.

And it gazed from the hill with its dazzling grace.
A vista was seen beyond time and space.

When clouds fade away the beams that come.

On peacocks dancing when lions don’t hunt.

Discussion about war ceases to be spurious.

Where mind and heart none was victorious.

After that war stops, something stops talking.

That talking about earth orbiting the moon.

As mind and heart both get silent.

Immortality is attained before body dooms.

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