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Killer comeback

Global ethics day. Global Dignity day special

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Aayush Tiwari –

For those gems, goes this song.
Who hunt with the eyes of utter devotion.
This is a tribute to zeal who have.
For exquisite, exceptional and oppressive notions.

In life it happens that senses get scattered.
Time and talent when don’t go together.
When blood starts draining when heart gets shattered.
Devotion is destroyed when prayers are scandle.

Some voice, some noise then you hear .
But of all the voices just one you hear.
That roars like a lion when you have been undone.
“Back to life” , I have to return.

Lethal than iron is the molten iron.
Fatal than lion is the wounded lion.
Soul when craves that ‘lionish’ sculpture.
That sculpture my friend is more dangerous hunter.

Out, you jump conquering your anger.
Uproot that anchor that got you anchored.
Inner Potency supersede urgency.
That inner Potency is called valency.

You rage in your heart the hottest fire.
You fan it up with desire-less desire.
Then wait for the sky for cosmic feedback.
To world that seems that killer comeback.

A Joke, a fancy ,is the bed of roses.
Arena life is made for the toughest.
With sweat on eyes that grin, it’s feature.
Souls victory on “survival of the fittest”.

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