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Hight time now! Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales, have to be saved.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Fairy tales are dying, Nursery Rhymes are on ventilator. Creative writing ishunted by the AI , wisdom literature is in the ICU.

These genres have to saved , childhood has to be saved ,creative writing has to be revamped, story telling has to be reinstalled. In this venture to tackle the global depression in this high tech digital era haunted by such perilous mental disorders this blog is a desperate effort to save the above mentioned arts . They have an unimaginable healing effect, such readings save the delicate retina of kids from perilous photon bombardment. Ethics, values , love and compassion are planted in the sky like canvas of via such story telling and parents get a life time opportunity to relieve the childhood again. Isn’t it? Throwback to “Mera Naya Bachpan” by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan might help.

(“पूछा ‘यह क्या लायी?’ बोल उठी वह ‘माँ, काओ’।
हुआ प्रफुल्लित हृदय खुशी से मैंने कहा – ‘तुम्हीं खाओ’॥

पाया मैंने बचपन फिर से बचपन बेटी बन आया।
उसकी मंजुल मूर्ति देखकर मुझ में नवजीवन आया॥”

मैं भी उसके साथ खेलती खाती हूँ, तुतलाती हूँ।
मिलकर उसके साथ स्वयं मैं भी बच्ची बन जाती हूँ॥)

Hence, here we go in a fairy tale way to induce some positive nostalgia to bring back sweet childhood in the daily hum drum affairs of yours. We don’t intend to market anything but writing in a fairy tale way a story would provide us inputs based on this series of saving creativity from the fangs of Artificial Intelligence.


Once upon a time in the enchanting land of Storyville, a remarkable website called was born. It was founded by a group of passionate individuals who believed in the power of stories and the importance of preserving them in the digital era.

In Storyville, fairy tales and nursery rhymes had always held a special place in the hearts of both children and adults. However, as technology advanced and gadgets became more prevalent, children began to lose interest in these timeless tales. The digital era had cast a dark shadow over the once-vibrant world of storytelling.

Newsspace, the little website with a big dream, was determined to change this. With its vividly illustrated pages, captivating videos, and interactive features, it aimed to bring fairy tales and nursery rhymes back into the lives of children everywhere.

The magical creatures of Storyville, including fairies, talking animals, and mischievous elves, had always relied on the power of these stories to keep their world alive. Without the belief and imagination of children, their existence was at stake.

One sunny morning, as the founders of Newsspace brainstormed ideas to make their website even more captivating, they received a distress call from the Fairy Queen herself.

“Dear friends of Newsspace,” the Fairy Queen’s voice trembled through the computer speakers. “Our world is fading, and the magic within us is growing weaker with each passing day. The children have forgotten about us. You must help us save our fairy tales!”

Filled with a newfound determination, the team at Newsspace embarked on their mission to rescue the magical realm that had inspired countless stories. They worked tirelessly, day and night, creating innovative ways to engage children with these beloved tales.

They added a magical “read-along” feature to the website, allowing children to follow the words as they appeared, encouraging them to develop their reading skills. They designed interactive games where children could become the heroes of their favorite fairy tales, exploring enchanted forests and solving riddles with the help of their trusty companions.

The news about Newsspace spread like wildfire, and soon children from all corners of the world were flocking to the website, eager to rediscover the magic of storytelling. Fairy tales and nursery rhymes once again became a cherished part of their childhood.

However, not everything was as joyful as it seemed. The team at Newsspace faced a formidable adversary in the digital landscape – the wicked Queen Digitara. She despised the whimsy and wonder of fairy tales, viewing them as mere distractions from the digital realm she sought to rule.

Queen Digitara, with her army of computer viruses and malicious algorithms, launched an all-out attack on Newsspace. She unleashed pop-up ads that engulfed the website, making it almost impossible for children to navigate through their beloved stories. The team watched in horror as the number of visitors dwindled.

Determined not to let the wicked queen succeed, the team rallied together. They created powerful firewalls and implemented strict security measures to protect Newsspace from Queen Digitara’s clutches. It was an arduous battle, but their resolve remained unshaken.

With each passing day, the team at Newsspace grew stronger. They encouraged children to share their favorite stories with each other, fostering a sense of community and wonder. They organized virtual storytelling events where children could gather around, listening to captivating tales from storytellers all over the world.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed. The Fairy Queen, witnessing the unwavering dedication of the Newsspace team, granted them a gift – the ability to bring the magic of Storyville into the digital realm. The website now shimmered with spells and enchantments, captivating children in ways Queen Digitara could never comprehend.

Slowly but surely, News Space started to regain its former glory. Fairy tales and nursery rhymes once again danced through the hearts and minds of children, breathing life

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