Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana break up, religion comes in the middle of love

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Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have reportedly broken up. The couple was in a relationship for 4 years. Himanshi Khurana himself gave information about this by sharing a post on social media X (Twitter). Not only this, Himanshi also told the reason for separation from Asim.

Himanshi wrote- Yes, we are no longer together. Whatever time we spent together was great, but now we are both separated. Our relationship journey was fantastic, but now we both are moving forward in our lives. We are sacrificing love because of our different religious beliefs, respecting our respective religions. We have nothing against each other. We request you to respect our privacy. Himanshi.

Himanshi Khurana also shared the post on Instagram account

Himanshi also shared a post on her social media Instagram account. “We both tried very hard but couldn’t find a solution for life (due to different religions). We love each other but luck is not on our side. Here no one hates anyone but only love. This can be called a mature decision.

Himanshi-Asim’s story started during Bigg Boss 13, Asim was a contestant of Bigg Boss 13. At the same time, Himanshi took entry in the show as a wild card. Soon Asim fell in love with Himanshi, but Himanshi was in a relationship with someone else at that time. In such a situation, Himanshi asked Asim to stay away from him.Himanshi became homeless from home. She came out and broke up and then came back to the Bigg Boss house.

Asim proposed to Himanshi in Bigg Boss house. After leaving the show, the two started living together. However, the relationship of so many years has now ended due to different religious beliefs, and have separated from each other.

Even earlier, there were reports of the breakup of both of them

Many questions have been raised about the relationship between Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana. In March 2021, these two also unfollowed each other from social media. Not only this, both of them also deleted couple photos with each other from their respective accounts.

Even trollers had accused Himanshi that they are with Asim just for money and fame. However, giving a befitting reply to this, Himanshi had said- Did I not have money and fame before meeting Asim?

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