Investor Summit Uttarakhand: Delegates will be welcomed with drums, basil garlands will be worn

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Dehradun: BJP media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that guests will start coming for the Global Investor Summit from today itself. Guests coming to the summit will be welcomed with drums at Jollygrant Airport.

Delegates will be welcomed with drums and damau

The Investor Summit to be held in the capital Doon will start from tomorrow. The program will be inaugurated by PM Modi. Investors from India and abroad will come to join this summit. The delegates coming to the summit will be accompanied by the beat of drums at the Jolly Grant Airport. Along with this, the delegates will also be garlanded with basil.

Artists of the Culture Department engaged in preparations

The artists of the Culture Department have been preparing since morning to welcome all the guests coming from the country and abroad. Guests arriving at the Jolly Grant Airport will be welcomed by about 15 artists from the Department of Culture.

Artists will welcome by applying tilak

Artists from the Department of Culture will be dressed in Uttarakhandi attire to welcome the delegates. During this time, he will first welcome the delegates by applying tilak. Along with this, he will also be dressed in Tulsi garland. For which preparations have been completed.

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