The 32 day debate : Advait Vedant vs Nyaik Darshan.

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Adi Shankaracharya and Madan Mishr two unparalleled ineffable champions of the Vedanta once collided with smiles and the 32 day debate took the nation on fire. As the shastrastra( debate) crossed the day 6th , Shankar, Madan and the judge ( Madan Mishr’s wife) found themselves surrounded by the ‘omg level intellectuals’ of the highest order from all over the nation. The condition underpinning the clash was if Adi Shankaracharya had to win Madan Mishr would renounce the Grahasta Ashram and become Shankar’s disciple embracing celibacy while the vice versa would hold true and Shankar would renounce renunciation and become a family man would the result be upside down.

Adi Shankaracharya advocated the advait vedanta school of philosophy proving Brahm and Jeev are but one singularity while Madan Mishra refuted it on the basis of Sankhya darshan and Yoga.

The union of mind into the soul is the journey towards liberation held by Madan considering mind and soul to be two different entities .

On the other hand Adi Guru was erupting almost the quantum mechanics line of inferences proving the mind to be an illusion.

Madan Mishra being a scholar of Nyaik Darshan had by default refused to accept the citations from the Vedas and the Upanishads as the final authority ( shabd praman), so Shankar’s challenge was far more herculean to prove non duality without vedic authority. What happened next was the quantum mechanics, relativity, AI coming out of Adi Shankaracharya establishing the photon in double slit inferences without equations. Yes ,yes ,yes even I didn’t believe this and considered myself a joker just like you are thinking right now, but the fact is fact.

The present scenario is that even quantum mechanics refers to his arguments to frame equations and articulate a hypothesis before experimentation.

I want to end this write up abruptly as who won would be a spoiler . Yes, I almost forgot, do you know who was the arbitrator or the judge of the debate? The question was of the truth and so desperate was the quest that disregarding the possible personal bias of Madan Mishr’s wife , the most brilliant woman scholar of all times was appointed in that capacity. Her name you must find as the related videos hence notified based on the back links we have generated would teleport you having typed her name to Rabia and Lob Mudra empowering women empowerment in a uniquely empowering yin yang fusion.

After the continuous, non stop debate, another 2 month debate commenced between this goddess incarnated and Adi Shankar that tossed the historians who probed, till the cloud number 9+1. Of the vaishnav vedant Gyan Marg without bhakti is a bad medicine she said and arguments based on sexual singularity against the young bramhachari were deployed to churn blood out of bones. Her argument was based on dual non duality reached at the moment of sexual discharge, and Shankaracharya being a bramhachari ( celibate) realised soon that she being the harder nut to be cracked needs a supernatural nut cracker.

Know about this debate, relate it with the quantum AI and modern physics and understand how monkeys are able to play video games in the Elon Musk Laboratories today. Yes you heard it right, Neuralink has planted the chip in their brains and the apes are solving mathematical problems of class 7th standard. So how Musk reached till this point , advait vedanta prophecies emanating from this debate will explain ripping apart Nostradamus and Prophecies into 120 small bleeding pieces. All the best.

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