Big news: Preparations for transfer of non-government teachers

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Mack Khan –

Dehradun. Like the government schools of the state, now teachers of private schools are also preparing to be brought under the purview of transfers. The Act will be amended for this.

According to Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, the government wants a uniform policy for the employees in the state. At present, there is no system of transfers in government schools of the state. Teachers retire from the same school in which they are joined. However, they can be mutually transferred under certain circumstances. But, the state government wants that they can also be moved like government schools.

According to Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, the central government will give money for holistic education only to those states where there is transparency in transfers. Gradually, all states are making online transfers. In Uttarakhand too, online transfers will be done through Vidya Samiksha Kendra. This will bring transparency in transfers. The attendance and leave of students, teachers will all be recorded through this.

The government has given these three options

First, if the school management is not able to run the school, then the school should be given to the government.

Second, the institution that wants to run the school and also wants to get grants from the government.

Third, those schools which do not like both the option of management and the institution, should continue to run their school as a private school.

Non-Government Act

At present, there is no system of transfers. If this is done then the government will have to provide all facilities to the teachers of private schools like the teachers of government schools. The organization will oppose the change in the Act. – Anil Sharma, Provincial Conservator, Uttarakhand Secondary Teachers Association

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