High Profile Suicide Case! Serious allegations against South Africa’s famous Ajay Gupta in suicide note!

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Dehradun’s renowned builder Satender Singh Sahni (Baba) committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of Pacific Golf Estate Building located on Sahastradhara Marg today.He made serious allegations against Ajay Gupta, the eldest of South Africa’s famous Gupta brothers by writing a suicide note. Anil Gupta, a relative of the company, was a silent shareholder of 85 per cent, and Ajay later took it all over without officially appearing on his behalf. In the High Profile Suicide Case, there is a stir due to the involvement of many famous and big people of the city.

According to police sources-FIR-Suicide Note and conversations with Sahni’s close associates, Sahni (Sahni Structures LLP-Sahni Infra LLP Company), who was working with Sanjay Garg on two projects, was introduced to Anil Gupta, who lives in Dalanwala.Anil introduced himself as a big businessman of UP.Believing in him, Sahni made him a sleeping partner in both his projects.Later Anil Gupta suddenly became silent.Ajay in his place Gupta started filling his people in the company associated with the project.

As a result, Ajay Gupta gave a complaint against Sahni in Saharanpur and Sahni against Ajay Gupta to the Tahrir police in Dehradun. According to the business deal, Anil Gupta was to spend 85 percent of the money in the project, 65 percent of the profit was to be given to him and 35 percent to Baba and other partners with him.

It is written in the suicide note that Ajay started interfering in every matter.Meanwhile, Ajay appointed one Aditya Kapoor as his representative in the company related to the project.According to sources, the deal was on the verge of breaking down due to sharing in profits and later taking a big shape of disputes. Initially, he did not know that Ajay Gupta was associated with him as a partner.

According to 52-year-old Baba’s close friends and old business associates, Ajay Gupta was under a lot of mental pressure for a few weeks. In Sahni’s projects worth Rs 350 crore, many well-known people of the city were associated with different types of partners.

Baba has written in the suicide note that I have not done anything wrong. The Gupta brothers have already made headlines in India for different reasons.Their family’s wedding ceremony in Auli was in a lot of controversy many years ago.Their 2 brothers live in Dubai or elsewhere after being exiled from South Africa. His daughter owns a flat in Pacific Golf Estate.

The special thing is that Anil Gupta has also joined the world of Uttarakhand cricket. A controversial lobby of the Cricket Association of Uttarakhand has brought him.There is also a dispute going on there.There are many big faces on both sides in the Baba Sahni High Profile Suicide case.Many big names are written in the Tahrir and suicide note.The police are taking steps with a blow.Ajay Gupta has been taken into custody from his residence in Dalanwala and brought to Rajpur police station.Big people from both sides have reached the police station.

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