Technology is transforming the lives of ordinary people: CM Dhami

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Dehradun- Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that how the power of technology is changing the lives of common people is now visible.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the local office of Hexaware Technology at Doon Business Park, Transport Nagar, Dehradun on Saturday, the Chief Minister expressed hope that Hexaware Technology will definitely be successful in the purpose for which this office has been launched. He said that the country is making rapid progress in the field of technology. This sector is becoming a medium of empowerment and contributing significantly in taking people towards self-reliance.

The Chief Minister said that New India is not only a consumer of technology but is also playing an active role in the development and implementation of technology. At the time of 2G, 3G, 4G, India was dependent on other countries for technology, but with 5G, India has created a new history. With 5G, India is setting global standards in telecom technology for the first time. Digitization is happening rapidly in India. Digital India is an important part of the country’s broader vision of development. The goal of this vision is to bring that technology to the common people that works for the people, works by connecting with the people. Today, digital India has provided a platform and a market to our small traders, small entrepreneurs, artisans. In the market, people working in the markets and in the markets, all are using UPI. How the power of technology is changing the lives of ordinary people is visible.

The Chief Minister said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the country has made rapid progress in the field of digitization. Over the years, UPI has rapidly become a part of our economy and habits. This is the foundation of Digital India, it is a medium to deliver digital services to the last person standing at the last mile. He said that continuous efforts are being made to improve the systems with technology in the state. He expressed hope that this office of Hexaware Technology will prove to be a milestone in the expansion of IT services.MLA Vinod Chamoli, Secretary Shailesh Bagoli, Director ITDA Nikita Khandelwal, Executive Vice President of Hexaware Technology Hemant Vij, Satendyu Mohanty, Neeta Nambiar were present on the occasion.

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