PM Modi echoes Napoleon’s “Leader Is A Dealer Of Hope” post World Cup disappointment.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Napoleon Bonaparte in Team India’s dressing room ICC, WC 2023.

The phrase “A leader is a dealer of hope” resonates strongly in the context of India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The impact of a leader’s words and actions right from ISRO Chief’s head tugged in PM’S shoulders and that gentle fatherly tap now expands pivotally in shaping the aspirations and motivations of the heroes at the dressing room of the post world cup final 2023. PM Modi, in his role as a visionary leader, mirrors Napoleon’s ideology by instilling hope and optimism in the hearts of our wounded lions having a streak of victories but a final disappointment.

This essay explores the pertinent similarities between PM Modi and Napoleon, highlighting their respective abilities to inspire and provide a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

Once there was a soldier in the Napoleon Brigade whose name was extraordinarily difficult to be pronounced. Napoleon on the other hand had a unique gift of remembering the Names of his Generals and Soldiers alike. Post Austrian conquest came little corporal to greet the soldiers amd shaking hands with this guy pronounced his name as it is. The soldier was in tears saying ” For the first time in life, someone has correctly pronounced my name, and see he is our little corporal, our Napoleon Bonaparte”.

Coming back both Modi and Napoleon were gifted with a remarkable ability to envision a brighter future for their nations. In his leadership, Napoleon aspired to unite and transform France, while PM Modi aims to build a prosperous and inclusive India.

Leaders often possess a unique charisma that radiates vitality to inspire and motivate people. Napoleon and PM Modi exude such energy, generating optimism and trust in their leadership. Napoleon’s victories on the battlefield and his steadfast belief in his abilities made him a figure of hope for the French people. Similarly, PM Modi’s empathy, father figure resilience, grace of experience and tireless humanitarian connections improve the lives of Indians cultivating a sense of hope and confidence. His dynamic speeches and charismatic persona engage the masses, promising growth, stability, and progress but these small gestures with kids, players, bureaucrats (like inspiring the young chess prodigies Pragananda recently) is really rarest of the rare.

The power of leadership lies not only in individual abilities but in the collective strength of a nation. Napoleon recognized this by empowering the French people through various reforms, fostering a sense of collective progress. Similarly, PM Modi understands that the transformation of a nation requires the involvement and participation of its citizens. His emphasis on citizen-driven initiatives, such as ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (Clean India Campaign) and ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ (Financial Inclusion Program), reflects his commitment to empowering every Indian, regardless of their social or economic background. But the crux is such schemes dont get successful being on papers or by mesmerizing speeches. The leader has to do the ground work and connect with the souls.By involving the citizenry in nation-building, PM Modi inspires hope that every individual can contribute to the growth and development of India.

Leadership, as Napoleon famously stated, is indeed about instilling hope. PM Modi, like the French Emperor, embodies this principle by inspiring and empowering the people of India. Through his visionary initiatives, energetic charisma, citizen-centric policies, and unwavering determination, PM Modi echoes Napoleon’s belief that a leader must be a dealer of hope. As India moves forward on its path of transformation, Modi continues to uplift the hopes by this one on one personal reverence building. Keeping the morale high at such critical moments is his USP, appreciated by friends and foes alike. You may like h or you may hate him is a different matter altogether but aspirations of millions, fostering a collective belief in a prosperous and inclusive future for the nation this quality of our leader must be heralded.

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