“I am a dog of God”, says Kabir.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Some dignitaries name themselves as Ramanuj in India, that means the brother of God. Some laureates , Ramavtar . That means the incarnation of God. Some who are as beautiful as the stories of Khalil Gibran call themselves “Ramdas”. The servant of God. Some who actually become the servant of God, for example, the founder of Iscon, Srila Prabhupada, get humbled even more Just saying “ ‘Trying’ to be the servant of God.

However, as I wonder the virginity of imagination still doesn’t seduce rather gets even more venerated despite information becoming a prostitute of this age. Suddenly a ‘bhaun bhaun’ of Dido, takes me to Kabir. The saint who hijacked even god. “Kabira man, nirmal bhaya, jaise ganga neer . Pachey pachey Hari firen, kahat Kabir, Kabir” . Kabir, whome god chases for appointment doesn’t consider himself even to be the servant of God.

He says, I am the dog of God. “Kabira kutta Ram ka Mutiya Mera naam, Gale Ram ki jevari, jit kheechey tit jaun.

Whenever I look into my utility as a writer I try to tap into that space yet untouched by the AI. As I explore till the Marina’s trench sometimes I go bonkers as there is no yardstick to measure spiritual progress. So I spent many sleepless nights to fathom is there any way for a content creator to measure the ‘silence’ he is rising in. I got an answer lately . If you are really progressive and your flair is now just trying best to do the ‘raamkaj’ the work of god, the answer comes. If you getting more and more humbled with each passing day you are on the right path. So much humbled that you can’t even call yourself the servant of God. What made Goswami Tulsidas write ‘Kavit Vivek ek nahi more, Satya kahun likhun kagaz korey ‘.( I don’t know the A, B ,C of poetry , just making the blank paper blank) if such a fulfillment is saturating the being then you will deliver the content that the AI can’t ever touch. You won’t be unemployed, as your employer is Ram, Allah, God or whatever you may call. Silently brainstorm about it in silence, as while talking to you my friend, I am again hijacked by ” I don’t deserve to be, even the servant of God. I am his dog”. The surender to the cosmic intelligence, to the random arbitration of the universe is about to deliver something from the womb of saints . Something that the AI will never be able to pester

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