Sushant’s incomplete redemption will astound 2024 election, indicates Rajputana community.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Like a shock wave emanating from an atomic explosion ,the Rajputana roars again to seek vengeance for late Sushant Sing Rajput. Some are convinced but more are confused with the dicy stands of influencers like kangana and silence of the agencies over the past few years . The propaganda of the government and the opposition may fascinate the humdrum but the Rajputana community remains unfazed to show any trust. There floats an international segment of SSR lovers that is like the tip of the iceberg capable to ransacking the Titanic of political speculations. The die-hard fans of late Sushant Singh Rajput. Their wounds still bleed as #JusticeForSushant still gazes the sky of the even handed justice.

“Bloody instructions been taught return to plague the inventor. The even handed justice commands the ingredients of our poisoned chalice to our own lips”. Macbeth. SSR was not just an actor. If one zaps through his Twitter time line right from the ‘nad brahm’ to Khalil Gibran, from NASA to Shiva sutras he was an enigma. So is his national/international fan followerahip reflect the Twitter hashtags who are not just fans. Some abstraction of some extraordinary electro- spiritual force seems to govern the entire tragic phenomenon.

As per the experts this gigantic segment’s influence is hypnotic. The way the SSR lovers remain disillusioned with the silence of the agencies delegated to probe his death is likely to impact the national elections in India, in 2024. The AI , the data analytics, indicators and the predictors based on the evidences seem bewildered by the their untreated agony. Expert analysis reflect many followers of political tycoons loosing interest in poltics. Many unsubscribe their favourite politicians and many consider the bureaucracy redundant. To conclude , the bottomline is the SSR effect can not be ignored if you are fascinated about politics and election related speculations is mesmerizing for you.

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