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Olive’s digital tragedy is Popeye’s spiritual comedy.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The nexus between technology and happiness is strange. Why the technically most advance countries rank so low in world happiness index? Social media addiction of the teens isn’t making them jump like looney tunes, but suicidal. The pal playing the play station dint know the ‘mortal combat’ he had played all night was about to make cause that mass public shootout next day . He killed a fifty people at school just because he was sleepless.

The richest countries are the most depressed, most mentally tormented. Why ? The opposite should have been true. A survey reveals there is hardly one percent people in London who can sit relaxed, after office, even for a few minutes without a glass of wine. Technology was supposed to make life easy . We are watching tomorrowland on TV but have buried Tom and Jerry along with childhood . So technology can’t be blamed for this global restlessness. Afterall Scooby Doo was also brought to us by the same technology that bought Ramayana for them and the news of Hiroshima/Nagasaki for them.

As we think about spirituality, mind projects some long faces trying so hard to stand upside down in that ashram. Some breathing like a machine gun as a guru said in Haridwar while some orbiting the temple to make the deity inside the temple orbit around them to quench their mundane desires.

If the machine learning takes a bird’s eye view of let’s say some 50 blogs of a writer, it can develop his genre . It can keep on writing like him perpetually. So intellectual uniqueness no more remains unique. Intellect is no more humanity’s patent, nor are it’s off shoots. If we have developed atom bombs and concentration camps based on intelligence, we should be ready for what this gigantic bubble of digital intelligence will cook up for us. In order to survive the tremendous mind of the AI humans have to vouch for something far too big. Far too blissful . That has nothing to do with the intelligence, rationality , time and space anymore.

We have to take refuge in consciousness now. If a writer dies tomorrow, the AI can copy his style but can’t copy consciousness and start living like him. The AI is envious, because we are mortals. It’s envious as we doom, it can’t. It can talk like Jesus but can’t live like Jesus. From mind now, time to take a break and probe realm that talks about mental transcendence.

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