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On “The Zero Transfer Function” functions the Hindutv Model.

Aayush Tiwari –

“Lesser the words, lesser the confusion.”

रहिमन बात अज्ञेय की, कहत सुनत की नाहीं l

जो जानत सो कहत नहीं , जो कहत सो जानत नाहीं लल

More and more words create a possibility of morr and nore compounding interpretations. More the interpretations more is the probability of clashes and affray.

So when the wisdom literature of the highest altitude can be expressed in just 0 and 1 so why to use words?

Just like zero, the decimal system is also an Indian Invention and therefore the infinite digits can come between 0.1 and 1.0.–63359a185f46a404528c6d1a

What if, just with fours cosmological constants *,+,-, ÷, one and zero the entire crux of the ancient wisdom be decoded without subjectivity? Yes, it is possible and if we rapt why the binary code is the language of the computer, we too can tune in with the God Particles. God particles ie the Higgs Bosons are the ‘Bramh tatv’ beyond human emotions, intellect and intuition. This is not a figment of imagination but the hypothesis of the bliss in a “Swantah- Sukhaye” research.

The secret is that the most difficult ‘Sankhya Yoga’ is enshrined in chapter 2 itself of the Geeto-Upnishad – The Bhagwad Gita. Fortunately or unfortunately that is the language of the advait vedanta and the Quantum AI as well. That is why most of the seekers can’t even cross the chapter two of the Magnum Opus. Afterall who is the one who won’t go bonkers entertaining justifications of killing one’s own family.

The sankhya (sankhya ie mathematics ) yoga adds fuel to fire in the glory of the Bhagwad Gita and therefore most of the seekers devoid of a brute scientific approach (Maths is the tool of Physics) and most of the Gyan Yogis devoid of the ‘applied maths’ skills miss the essence completely.

That is why on the lines of the Boolean Algebra and the ‘Logic Gates’ that underpins the AI, a comprehensive understanding of the ‘Philos and Sofia’ (philosophy ), The yin yang (The Ardhnariahwar form of Shiv Shakti) must be transmitted with the minimal use of words.

Just like “Force is equal to mass an acceleration, nothing else”, the approach of a mathematician with a poetic touch will be the orracle of The Bhagawad Gita In Binary Codes by

How do experts talk? A chess nomenclature “Bxc4” ie Bishop kills the piece on the c4 square of the chess board can be the – “Less word less nonsense example”. If Magnus Carlsen is talking to Vishwanath Anand then e4, Bc5, Qf3, Qxf7 would convey the entire concept of the scholar’s mate in codes . Such codes have been the language of the saints and that us why they are called the “Sutras” in sanskrit .

Drig ho to drishya akand dekh,
Mujhme sara Bramhand dekh”. Rashmirathi ( tritiya sarg). This transfer of zero whoever can nab, is an eligible candidate to gasp the Bhagwad Gita In Binary Codes.

Based on this transfer of zero together me and you shall explore at the Virat Roop of Krishna mentioned with the help of Boolean Logic in Gita in binary code series.

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