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The Namagiri Equations

The genius with the tilak between his eyebrows.

Aayush Tiwari –

Part – 1 ( Turiya bled maths that Ramanujan called devi)

Ramanujan part – 2

Devi Namagiri and the equations named after her that seem to have been written with the third eye of Shiva behind that tilak. This is the follow up on Srinivasan Ramanujan whose equations described the black holes and time travel in the early 90s. Far before Einstein, far before the Theory Of Relativity, far before the Quantum Mechanics Ramanujan had mathematically proved the existence of the black holes and the possibility of time travel.

Our previous blog on him discussed that these equations had nothing to do with mind as the mind functions in time and Ramanujan’s work revealed that , that is timeless. Modern technology still is sweating to understand how is/was it possible and really does it have something to do with the metaphysical the Namagiri Devi.

Today with modern Science bridging with Vedanta the concept of space- time comes as a singularity called space- time-consciousness. Which means space and time exist only because there is consciousness to observe them. This notion is called space time consciousness and
omniscient( trikal-darahi) was the work of Ramanujan that proved this a long time back.

When asked about the same, he gave credit to the goddess who whispered this timeless wisdom into his ears, called the Namagiri devi..”My devi bleed maths”, he said to Hardy as we discussed in our previous blog . The equations of Ramanujan were hence called the Namagiri equations attributed to the goddess.

Hollywood made a masterpiece based on his life with a self explanatory title the ‘Man who knew infinity’. Not many people in India have any idea about this and this is a little unfortunate . It’s a matter of concern. High time it is my friends, that the jewels from India who made the world appear the way it seems today must be recognised for revival of our magnificent flory . Be it Subrimanyam Chandrashekhar working with Einstein or be it CV Raman and the “Raman effect’ this is our endeavour in the direction to connect the ultra modern with the eternal works of the past, as eventually what seems coming out gives the glimpse of no-past no future reality. Time and perception are a subject matter of modern research and the scientific explanation behind them can never be completely understood devoid of a holistic understanding of the eternal works from the past.

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