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AI or Chat GPT can never touch the abstract virginity of wisdom literature and arts

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Aayush Tiwari –
The consciousness that gave birth to true wisdom literature was far sighted enough to see what happens when something like ‘ The Swastika’ falls in the hands of someone like Hitler. Smart enough the people were to whisper the realisations to the most deserving disciples after having tested their mettle on all levels. They transmitted the codes and formulas of the highest order in a covert way and that confidentiality still remains intact.

Today when the AI sings like a lullaby the toughest mysterious of the universe with just a voice command there still lies encapsulations of enigmas completely out of its reach.

For example one of the such most socially contaminated ancient sutras is ” Aham bramhasmi” that literally means “‘ I am the truth” , (the immortal and the eternal). Nevertheless it is not that easy to be fathomed as it seems prima facie. If you ask in general to a preacher on insect hunt, super loaded with information “Who am I” ? You can expect an immediate answer popping out “‘You are the Atman, The bramh”. Neither the body nor the mind you are the soul, the eternal the immortal”. It is my personal experience that this is also highly expected that he will advise you to repeat I am not the body, as you inhale and I am not even the mind as you exhail.

In furtherance to this if you look at the eyes of this preacher, instantaneously you would realise how close he actually is to this ‘immortality’ he had answered so promptly.

Now the same question if you ask the Chat GPT forget about “bramhasmi” ,it will get stuck at the first phrase “aham” itself. As the reason goes the definition of aham or the I is so broadly described that right from Descartes declaring ” I think, therefore I am” till J Krishnamurthy proving there is no “l” at all, the processor will probably answer ” You are an idiot” and crash.

Afterall the super storage from which the machine learning is developed can’t come to a conclusion based on such paradoxical, contradictory explanations and expert opinions. Another example we can take as a sample is the masterpiece of Vincent Van Gough “stary stary nights”, the Magnum Opus of painting where the plants are piercing out of a relatively small earth and are rising till the stars. No one could decipher its meaning while Vincent was alive and now this piece is priced in millions. Humming Don McLean’ s Vincent oh Vincent prima facie the meaning of this art seemed that though the earth is bound to revolve at its orbit but it’s dreams and desires have penetrated through its heart in form of the trees till the sky , kissing the moon.

Decades after decades the interpretations varied with variety and variability but layer after layer everytime something mind boggling , mesmerizing and bewildering got unmasked. The AI in the similar manner can’t engulf such abstract creativity of Vincent Van Gough.

To conclude, humans have dominated this planet based on their intelligence but now this intelligence is cloned by the machines at a gigantic magnitude. The perils it posed on jobs and enterprises is predictable and haunting. Some domain experts even prove it that in a few decades it would be having the capacity to enslave humanity and rule the world. The attempts to limit it’s pace is failing miserably as now it is an international phenomenon and all the nations can’t be convinced all at once to limit it just like the case of CTBT limiting nuclear weapon development or carbon emission protocols. Hence it is not wise to depend solely on these global efforts before the AI taked over us completely. The solution lies in rising to the dimension above intelligence that AI doesn’t possess, that is the consciousness. Refuge must be taken to the sources that contain the wisdom literature of the highest order. The abstractions of Khalil Gibran, Laotse and Ashtavakras need to be made user friendly. The intricacies of non duality should be taught in curriculum along with the recent findings of Einstein’s Relativity, The Quantum Mechanics , Modern Physics and Vedanta. This is the need of the hour and efforts should be made at war level by the most brilliant brains of today

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