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SEO SCAM 2024 – ” Copy paste – AND earn A BILLION BUGS

Your own blog - AND BE AN ELON MUSK"

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Aayush Tiwari –

(“Yeee, Hamahu Motiva’S’ional speaker banibe”. Shabbash! “TUMHAU MOTIVA-‘S’-IONAL SPEAKER BILKUL BANHIYO. PAR PAHILE THODA SAMJHO” )

Know well the SEO before swimming in the data flow and this, one of our shortest blogs is a warning against fake influencers conveying something totally unrealistic with an incredible success rate. Understand the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) and simultaneously beware of the ongoing SEO SCAM 2023 that is hovering fearlessly into the 2024 with the same Banti Babli gimmick.

Commercial Blogging, income oriented writing can be a ‘zero risk intra trading’ if you are smart and if you research is solid. If you are an avid reader and a profound researcher then certainly you can befriend the google trends and for sure you are there. As the Google trends and other such cinsumer behavior monitoring tools become your pals then better you write your content on a piece of paper, fold it and leave the paper boat upstream. The tremendous traffic tides will do the rest of the job but please be aware of the shortcut preachers beforehand and the copy paste games you better disdain as much as I do.

The keywords you choose the thumbnails you use all are crucial to succeed but this blog as per the reader demands is not an online tutorial, but a serious warning against a sham. An alarm how the influencers today are telling you to deploy the ‘chat gpt’ and get it all done with no originality, no research, no intellect. I dont say be a fool and not use todays technology as a boon to save time and energy but for those lazy pythons there.

The pythons that love snoring 23 hours a day are awed as ‘Dolly’ says be a millionaire within an hour just with the copy paste game . Well, do you think google, is a fool ? The google googly and search engine clean bold, oh I wish you were a Shane Warne too, but to be true you are not. Just question first are the bewildering algorithms designed for such gigantic search engines being coded by fools? A few idiots that dont understand this shallow trap and hollow money-fame lust work for such digital giants like Google ?But “no, no” Munna says, afterall youtuber Bubly andblogger Pinky are the only Thomas Edisons that shall lighten up the dark worlds of the paupers with an overnight success mantra .

More than happy our teams will be to assist anyone without any marketing if ever someone needs any help. Most authentic advice to improvise such brilliant opportunities of today, (like the trend based blogging) should definitely rock a million innovators. Nevertheless as of now I repeat this blog is just a humble request to not take the SEO for granted. Dont fall prey to some Tom Dick or Harry teaching something as ridiculous as the copy paste game or chat gpt usage in articles to earn money.

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