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The Namagiri Equations and IIT/JEE 2024.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Can you be guided by devi Namagiri in more or less the same way Srinivas Ramanujan was being guided. The answer is yes. If you or your child is aspiring for the IIT or any other institution of the such high altitude then with devi’s grace may you understand the crux.

Ramanujan was inspired by that small book that Mark Zuckerberg tried to refer to. That book just told him intuitively what happens with the transfer of zero across the equal to sign. 1 is proved to be 2 if the transfer of 0 was possible while solving the linear equations. This if kept in mind and prayed to the goddess of maths in a proper way mentioned in the vedas, success can definitely touch your feet with the bhakti yoga of Namagiri blending with the sankhya yog ( chapter 2, Bhagwad Gita), gyan yog (chapter 3l4) and karm yog (chap 3) required for the prepration.

Dedicating to Goddess Sarswati first if a refuge in goddess Namagiri is sought, you take our words, you will be talking to god as “Maths is the language of the god” (said Sir Issac Newton), and Namagiri Devi is the music of maths. The Namagiri equations prove infinity ie anything divided by zero and that too without dealing with the astronomical figures.

There are generally four to five questions in the question papers for such acid tests that change the game. It is here when such confusion comes in the examination hall where both the options seem right. Here the divine assistance that comes riding on the abstract power of human intuition, helps.

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