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India has launched a space mission to study black holes.

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ISRO has launched another mission from the Shri Harikota Space Port, timed locally to lift off at 9:10 AM. The objective of this mission is to conduct a thorough study of black holes, considered one of the largest entities in the universe. Prior to this, NASA had launched a mission in the same direction, with the first mission taking place in the year 2021.

Following the launch, ISRO’s Chairman, S. Somanath, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming scientific endeavors and the potential discovery of new information. The mission, utilizing the X-ray Pulsar Satellite, aims to delve into the depths of black holes.

This comes after India’s historic achievement in 2023 with the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, establishing India among the select countries to accomplish such a mission.

Black holes, colossal cosmic entities, were discussed in terms of their size, which can be magnitudes larger than the sun. Scientists believe that black holes are located at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, but with certainty, they cannot explain how these enigmatic entities come into existence.

Some scientists hypothesize that when a star reaches the end of its life, it either explodes or transforms into a black hole. The gravitational pull at a black hole is so intense that not even light can escape, indicating the mysterious nature of these cosmic phenomena.

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