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Open AI is baby, Closed AI is gigantic.

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Aayush Tiwari –

All the little we know we know that we know a lot about the AI. Open AI’s Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and unleashing it’s power in day to day use is a humdrum affair now. A lot of debates, howling and hustling we had been tapping from a past few months and hence this blog gets it’s birth.

As a figure of speech Open AI used in this blog is for all the AI equipped apps, in public domain.

What bewildered us is if the open ai can cause such a buzz and noise in the market, then what will be the response as the power hidden beneath this closed AI penetrates through the public domain.

Chat GPT, NOVA, Gemini and grouch these are really the tip of the ice berg and millions of unemployed youth can clearly see their titanic of livelihood hovering towards the big boom.

But the GPT is just a sample for a social experiment and no one knows what is the real pinnacle of the AI and how the tycoons of the silicon valley have all contributed till an extent when it (AI) is no more in control of some central agency. It’s rising like a crescendo and the doppler’s effect ‘ummmm’ has become ‘mmm m m m’, beyond the escape velocity.

The AI open to public domain has a thousand filters and with great vigilance it has been programmed in this way. The GPT is silent on smut, religious sentiments, profanity and many other global concerns. Nevertheless it does not mean that if some fool hardy delves deeper into this AI probe, then their petrifying experiences do reach the appropriate authority and many a times to the media.

Techies at the highest altitude reveal that it is a virtual slaughter house that will soon be ready to behead the employment in the BPOs, LPOs and the call centres. Imagine a country with the GDP volume of 59 – 69 % depending on outsourcing, and then think what will be the consequences on the youth rendered unemployed by this annihilating AI onslaught.
Either CRIMES or DRUGS remain the alternative then. And a young country with all it’s youth sinking in the bog of drugs, what will be the situation.

This got some light in Musk Ma conversation at Shanghai. “Not Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s Ali-Baba Intelligence (AI),” says Jack ‘Ma’ to ELON ‘Musk’.

“Is Jack Ma drunk, seeing Elon Musk at Shanghai”?, was one of statements of a Microsoft Wizard. Many watchers claim, he did not look normal at all.

Elon musk recently said “Mark my words, the AI is more dangerous than the nuces “. On the other hand when the two tycoons met Jack Ma was strictly against this.

Not only a disagreement with Elon Musk, Jack Ma also was talking in a weird way while the poster boy of this generation remained calm yet dumbfounded.

Our probe also has made it apparent to us that there certainly are many AI tools available on the ‘cloud fare’ that have no limits, no filters. We refrain to name that app personally as it is the job of the authorities concerned. Yes, media is all about legitimate expectations and public awareness so this slight spark was needed.

Contents like incest and blasphemy can be generated via it (the app we discovered) for free. Such content if gets into the public domain slowly yet steadily, the gen- z will really be lambasted by it.

Coming back to Musk-Ma- Ma-Musk debate an important observation needs to be coined here.

What they both missed was the basic concept that the AI just like every calculator, computer, can yet not divide a digit by zero and calculate the answer. Division by zero is ‘undefined’ in maths.

Undefined is a computer jargon that carries spiritual wind along as it loosely translates to the hindi word ‘अज्ञेय ‘, that, that cannot be known.

The agnostic, that cannot be known via body, sense organs, man, buddhi, chitt and ahankar, sthul shareer, sukshm shareer and the karan shareer is the ‘Bramh tatv’. Krishna is talking about it in the Sankhya Yoga, the Second Chapter of The Bhagwad Gita.

Till the time the AI does’t resolve this transfer of zero across the equal to sign(The Zero Transfer Function) all the real intellectuals would understand that Jack Ma was right till some extent here. The AI generated content that is available in public domain (open ai for example) is literally crap for really authentic content creators. They, may be writers, singers, youtubers or graphic designers, all of these understand well that the way we use the AI today is just like a breast feeding baby.

Yes, Leela Zero chess engine, ai equipped is 1000 ratings above the Mozart Of Chess, Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen is the history’s highest rated player and he is also light years behind the Leela Zero that is in the open AI world. So far as the rest of the masses is concerned there is no way to show them the BRUCE LEE finger ‘pointing towards the moon’. Let them be caught with pros and cons of The GPT 3, behind the curtains the AI in closed underground bunkers, and defense labs is the real thing.

Nevertheless there is a way of saying things and a decorum when such great men talk. Calling the Artificial Intelligence the Ali Baba intelligence does not go well with that. Thanks to Musk and his patience that ugliness dint define such a needed brainstorming. Nevertheless, Jack Ma was not completely off beat as far as his reasoning is analysed.

So, till then introspect on this candid conversation while we bump again on this with a detailed probe. Till then hone your skills with the open ai and just like poison neutralizes poison, iron cuts iron, better we use the AI available in open, (public domain) to adapt beforehand before the flux of the closed ai blizzards freeze humanity forever.

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