Use AI to beat AI for CLAT PG 2024

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Advocate – Aayush Tiwari

Just like iron cuts iron, thorn is pierced into the skin to pluck out another thorne, venom is used to cure poison – SIMILARLY use the AI to beat the AI.

Type the previous year’s comprehension based sample questions on the AI apps or the GPT and without seeing the content write your own with pen and paper. Then go for a comparative analysis to hone your writing skills to crack CLAT PG 2024.

Previously When Lallu used to score marks X+1 than Monu, Lallu used to be considered smart. Now gone of the days of these Lallus , Monus, the students of today should use the AI to beat the AI in order to be really smart and ready for the innovative disruption.

There is a way to use the chat gpt for clat pg,UPSC mains and PCS J. For example type ” Write a 10 paragraph review on the judicial review along with legal provisions”. Write your own answer after this command to chat gpt and then compare.

Dont stop here. The top AI apps provide free sample content generation. Try them all for free and deploy the above mentioned suggestion to see where you stand.

There are a hundred and one AI tools that are being used to check the subjective answers. So jamming with the AI, the comprehension based answers will have a modern day structure of articulation. With a little probe, you will understand that the AI available in public domain is just a baby as far as creativity is concerned. It depends on the collective consciousness of humanity whether this baby grows up to be another Adolf Hitler or Gautam Buddha.Yes technically it can use grammer and vocab far better than many but as far as the real creative writing is concerned it stands no where as of now.

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