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Secondary Income 2024 : Story Telling despite AI generated novels.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Knowledge, might shimmer and the wisdom might glimmer as your tongue starts dancing within yout mouth and as your pen flows like The holy Ganges cascading down the hairy locks of Shiva magical and only magical words might emanate. But my friend, what if complexities can be explained to kids via story telling a revolutionary bump can be encrypted in your financial power to keep the karm yoga ( Bhagwad Gita Chapter 3) going.

Let’s take an example of a story that the search engine understands and index it high on the SERP( Search Engine Research Page).

As this short example story flows, zap through it, read between the lines and buckle up for the conclusion that surfaces would be enough to convey your hello to Google.

See the structuring of the following story generated from one of the best ai story generating apps and be introspective to understand where the nemesis stands.

“In the mystical lands of India, there lived a young and valiant prince named Krishna. Endowed with unparalleled wisdom and eternal beauty, Krishna possessed a radiant charm that captivated the hearts of all who beheld him. The people rejoiced in his presence, as his mere existence bestowed a sense of tranquility and hope upon the kingdom.

On a serene evening, Krishna found himself on the banks of the sacred River Yamuna, his mind steeped in contemplation. As the golden sun dipped low on the horizon, casting enchanting hues across the sky, Krishna sensed a profound calling within him, urging him to seek solace and enlightenment.

Deep in thought, Krishna decided to visit his dearest friend, Arjun, who resided in the vast forests surrounding the kingdom. Arjun, a great warrior, was known far and wide for his unwavering courage and unyielding loyalty. Krishna believed that his beloved friend possessed the strength of character to truly comprehend the hidden mysteries of the universe.

Upon reaching Arjun’s humble abode, Krishna found him engrossed in his daily practice of archery. Arjun’s prowess with the bow was unmatched, and his arrow always found its mark. Yet, Krishna knew that the true battles lie within the heart and mind, and so he yearned to impart upon Arjun the knowledge of Sankhya yoga.

Gently interrupting Arjun’s concentration, Krishna spoke, “My dear friend, it is time you discovered the profound significance of Sankhya yoga. Beyond the realms of strength and valor, the path of self-realization awaits, and it is through this divine knowledge that one can truly attain peace and fulfillment.”

Arjun, momentarily taken aback by Krishna’s words, looked into the depths of his friend’s eyes and understood the magnitude of the journey that lay ahead. With unwavering trust in Krishna’s wisdom, he nodded and entreated, “O Krishna, guide me on this path that you deem essential for the awakening of my soul.”

And so, under the luminescent moonlight, Krishna began to unfold the teachings of Sankhya yoga to Arjun. He expounded upon the intricate balance of the three gunas – sattva, rajas, and tamas – that governed the universe and dwelled within every being. Krishna illuminated the importance of understanding these subtle forces and harnessing their power, for it is through transcendence of the gunas that one could attain liberation.

Days turned into nights, and Krishna and Arjun delved deeper into the realms of knowledge and self-realization. The powerful discourses echoed through the ancient trees, as the duo contemplated the ephemeral nature of existence and the eternal soul that resided within. Arjun’s heart swelled with gratitude, for he realized that he was being blessed with a wisdom that surpassed human comprehension.

However, their peaceful sojourn was short-lived, for distant rumblings echoed through the forest, foretelling an imminent calamity. As Krishna and Arjun emerged from their deep meditation, they discovered that a wicked sorcerer, fueled by jealousy and an insatiable thirst for power, had unleashed a devastating curse upon the kingdom of Hastinapur in the akhand bharat.

The once-prosperous land was now veiled in darkness, its vibrant colors reduced to bleak shades of despair. Crops withered, and the very river that sustained life ran dry. The curse had encapsulated the heart of the kingdom, spreading fear and hopelessness among its inhabitants.

Determined to vanquish the curse and restore light to Ayodhya, Krishna and Arjun embarked on a treacherous journey. Battling formidable demons and enduring countless hardships, they traversed the desolate wastelands, fueled by their unshakable bond and the fire of righteousness that burned within them.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they stood before the sorcerer. With intertwining fingers and unwavering determination, Krishna and Arjun invoked the sacred teachings of Sankhya yoga. The very essence of the knowledge they had acquired radiated from their beings, transforming their swords into blazing symbols of divine power.”

This is the pinnacle of AI based on Chapter 2, The Sankhya Yoga mentioned as the most special in the Bhagwat Gita. It means the AI can generate a plot, but cant decode the jargons of non duality yet. You know why?

Let’s try with a simple example, divide any number with zero in your calculator. The calculator will say “cant be defined”. So computer, technology, boolean, logic gates are obviously the Ronaldo amd Messi of Zero and One and can reduce any power to zero by multiplying that power with zero. But as it comes about the division of zero, it gives up.

The virat roop of krishna, (Tenth Chapter, Bhagwad Gita ), Dinkar’s Rashmirathi tritiya sarg ” Hari ne bheeshan hunkar kiya apna swaroop vistar kiya, dagmag dagmag diggaj dole, BHAGWAN kupit ho kar bole—-/-“, is the division by zero.

The Bhagwad Gita and the Advait Vedanta are all about this division of zero. This ” Transfer of zero”, who understands can how prove one equals to two will also understand that no matter what the AI or the chat gpt will never be able to affect the abstract virginity of thr wisdom literature.

The transfer of zero trick is a mathematical fallacy that attempts to show that two different values are equal by manipulating equations. Let’s see how it is used to “prove” that 1 = 2:

Let’s start with the equation that mesmerizes all silicon valley giants like google, GPT, Elon Musk and The OpenAI


x = x

Now, we subtract x from both sides:

x – x = x – x

Simplifying, we get:

0 = x – x

Next, we divide both sides by (x – x):

0 / (x – x) = (x – x) / (x – x)

Since anything divided by zero is undefined, we cannot simplify the left side and the right side becomes:

0 = 1

Now, we multiply both sides by 2:

0 × 2 = 1 × 2

Simplifying, we have:

0 = 2

Therefore, by using the transfer of zero trick, we have incorrectly “proved” that 1 = 2.

However, it’s important to note that this trick is a fallacy and does not provide a legitimate proof. Dividing by zero is an undefined operation in mathematics, and manipulating equations in this way leads to invalid conclusions.

This trick can be a fun for kids but this trick is a secret that can change the philos and sophia along with e=mc2 related mathematical debates forever.

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