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One of the “CLAT TOPPERS” and Advocate also bluffed under VIVEK BINDRA IBC scam.

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Even a BBA/LLB from a such a prestigious law school as UPES ( University Of Petroleum &University Studies ) could also not see through Vivek Bindra’s IBC Scam.

A reputed advocate and Ex Legal Associate of MNCs like Quislex Legal Services and ADR specialist at joined the IBC scheme of Bada Business in 2021 and is amongst thousands who have lost their hard earned money in this scheme against which Sandeep Maheshwari has raised his voice.

How deceptive is this scheme carried under the facade of magnum opus like The Bhagwat Gita ( Gita In Action series) by Dr Vivek Bindra can be estimated by this as even the advocates, lawyers and such educated people are not save from it’s fangs.

This is a detailed interview with the advocate above mentioned (registration number UP8594/2018) and CLAT( Common Law Admission Test) 2018 AIR 483 with newsspace.

In the THE INDIA EVIDENCE ACT The concept of “burden of proof” is explained in Chapter VII. “Whoever desires any Court to give judgment as to any legal right or liability dependent on the existence of facts which he asserts, must prove that those facts exist”. Based on this provision of law the advocate above mentioned declares to produce any document ( The credentials, invoices, receipts, emails, official documens etc) mentioned above and in the video below whenever needed.

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  1. The news about one of the CLAT toppers and an advocate being involved in the Vivek Bindra IBC scam is concerning. 😔 It’s essential that legal authorities thoroughly investigate such matters and ensure justice is served. Such incidents highlight the importance of transparency and accountability. 🙏 #CLAT #VivekBindra #ScamInvestigation

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