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The Noble Prize 2024 : Literature.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Fortunately, in the vast expanse of the ‘wisdom literature’ there is a galaxy not dependent on website traffics, paid promotions, fan following or the social networking ambit. This galaxy is the opportunity for the introverts and the researchers and the seekers, the loners and the bleeders. More precisely this realm is of the lovers .

2024 will welcome the real content creators only, for the noble prize in literature. There is a serious scarcity in the market of the intuitive creative writing and sushupti underpinned expressions of the truth so that higher altitudes of wisdom with which the AI can be trained as well as controlled is sitting on the fences.

Only that writer will be the last man standing who will beat the AI and the GPT everyday with his writings. Surrendering his/her pen riding to the intuition to articulate abstractions will be the key. Using the chag gpt, gemini and others like a high salaried PA is crucial but making it the CEO and accepting oneself as GPT’s copy paste paid employed will never help breaking the cocoon.

Vector search and vector similarity search is searching for you. So, if you are a creative writer then you are being monitored continuously under the cctv surveillance of the ultra modern ai equipped search engines. As the spider crawlers of these search engines like google visit your blog or ebook, it must get something to enhance its artificial intellect with the ancient wisdom that never changes to propel it’s understanding of the ‘space time consciousness’.

See, for example the noble prize 2023 in Literature. Abstraction of Khalil Jibran level, was the winner’s USP and hence his abstract writings made the AI think and develop . The AI developes it’s intellect based on the information it is being feeded with. So if this infirmation is divine, which means if the vocabulary carries the power of ek omkar satnam. If his figures of speech carries humour, if his tone is scientific and if his/her creative intution can tailor even thr agnostic meeting right from the child’s wonder till a genius’s intellect.

So embark on a new voyage with the booker prize and the noble prize as the 2024 : NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. We will assist you closely as our probe on the self publishing scam floating in the digital air these days had kept us flabbergasted. With the name of Goddess Saraswati, break the ice, as goddess saraswati, ma sharda, is the goddess of ‘swar’ ( syllable, akshar, omkar) and with her blessings, the ineffable dreams get accomplished.

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