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This hip-hop spirituality is searching a soul mate in brothel.

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Aayush Tiwari –

What Do these jokers mean as they grunt “If you want a car, imagine it, feel the emotion of having purchased it, enjoy it’s image and the universe shall manifest it for you” . What is all this? Firstly you are capitalising on human greed and secondary you are selling the impossibility. I feel like kicking all these motivational speakers, gurus and social influential lads in their pants as I see them barking on the stages about everything that is literary pissing on the pristine wisdom literature of eternity . Thought is so limited, it’s very nature divides the tremendous energy of the consciousness in the duality of the ‘thought’ and the ‘thinker’. What they don’t know or hide is the fact that it’s not this dividing nature of the thinker and thought, the observer and the observed that manifests but the totality of an undivided mind and the tremendous energy of the consciousness that in itself is not separate from the cosmos. Who will attract what when there is not duality at this level and we are the part of one organic unity of the divine. To attract there must be two objects and right from the wave equation till the particle entanglement theory of the quantum mechanics and the advait vedanta the dimensions they play with is a collective consciousness of the universe.
“Yatha pinde tatha brahmande yaha bramhande tatha pinde” ” It is in this totality of body , mind and soul lies the law of manifestation while in all the manipulated notions of the law of attraction that have now become synonymous to quench monstrous human greed for materialism lies super magnetism of short cuts to quench the untamed human lust .This hip hop spirituality is searching for a soulmate in a brothel right from the days of Nepoleon Hill’s ‘Think and grow rich ‘ till Rohonda Bryne’s ‘The Secret’. This American spirituality is not only seductive and misleading but a deliberate trap for the ignorants who are neither capacity to comprehend the equations of Einstein nor the sutras of the Upanishads to throw themselves in the fire of the truth and burn in the flames of self inquiry and observation. That indeed requires enormous courage, acute observation, time and patience to really wage a war against individual ignorance and hover towards light. ‘ Tamso ma jyotiegama ‘. Nevertheless as this cult teaches ‘ignorance is a bliss’ rather than ‘knowledge is power ‘ , then who cares , you are in Rome do what Romans do. Read between the lines why 99 percent of worlds wealth lies in the hands of 1 percent of that lobby, the gulf of money between rich and poor, the disparity of distribution, the funded wars and the bombs and bandages and may you be able to see what lies below this tip of the ice berg.

Is Krishna insisting Arjun to feel the VIBES of the divine Krishna and jump into the war or explaining the profoundness of yoga, karma and righteousness that is eternal and universal. Is he saying ‘Feel the VIBES that you have already won the war and the universe shall fetch the throne for you’ or revealing the limits we have on the fruits of the actions we perform. What this hip hop spirituality is preaching is rooted in greed while the entire focus of spirituality is grounded in omnipotence of the actions emanating from nishkamta. “Karmanyevadhikaraste na faleshu kadachana” .

Well, unfortunately in this era of instant coffee instant tea who has time to seek these existential questions from an ashtavakra or a Laotse. Who cares for a J Krishnamurthy or Raman Maharshi when the shortcuts are there to fetch helicopters and private islands for you if you just FEEL you have them and send the so called SIGNALS to the universe. As far as these vibes are concerned what vibes you will get if you sit next to a Mansoor or Farid except that childhood innocence and there divine silence of the sky. Even if it is about the vibes and the aura then have you ever wondered how many warriors were actually standing with Krishna in the war of Kurukshetra as compared to the warriors standing against him. Have we ever recognised the truth in its absolute purity. Jesus at the cross shows clearly how much we have. The lips of Socrates sipping the hammock reveals how much appreciation we have for the intelligence that is like fire. Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we have to strictly introspect if our eyes have that beauty to look at the real beauty and the unfazed nature of the truth as it is.

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