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Divinity you kiss in mask and her silence you touch with gloves.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Meditation is the most intense and insane love affair with the divine feminine nature of energy. Nevertheless when you meditate on a deity or confine the limitless flux of the consciousness to a godly chanting you are again toiling in limits of the same limited mind. Chanting a mantra or focusing is a mental effort and an oxymoron to meditation that is concentration standing upside down. Normal thoughts are impotent to propel the consciousness towards the effortlessness movement of life energies. Time oriented techniques can’t give the taste of the timeless. All thoughts movement of memory and imagination in time. Therefore the thought of meditation is bound to be fueled by the love for the divine. To cultivate this love a deity or a statue is helpful for novices but have to be dropped after a stage where the love itself causes the momentum to effortlessly move into the infinity of eternity.

Like when you get immersed in sexual intercourse the doer is almost absent as sex takes over the mind yet the real meditation is a state of no mind far more subtle. It is like your life’s kiss . This kiss with the princess of silence that is not cultivated or imposed by society but that of a bud silently allowing some enigmatic phenomenon to blossom into a flower.

No matter how much you convince yourself that you can observe without being judgemental yet you cannot stop the automatic interpretations to eclipse meditative observation as the mind is deeply conditioned being a product of a million years of human evolution. Therefore whether it’s Sadhguru or Osho , whether it’s Rumi or Ravishankar, their techniques of meditation can help the beginners but can never help a seeker to dwell in the depths of godlines . The non dual sciences and the advait vedanta backed up with modern physics prove that love and fear are not different but ups and downs of the same animus wavelength. We create a distorted image of everything we see with the infrared goggles of this love fear dilemma and hence are unable to ever see the reality in broad dfaylight. This is what Hindus have called the Maya and the instrument that induces this illusive Maya is not outside but a faculty of the brain that creates the mind. It is hence wrong to say that this universe is an illusion but the way we experience this universe is definitely an illusion. This is proved by the physicists bagging the noble prize in 2022.

When our consciousness gets elevated to the highest altitude of the non dual this love and fear dissolve into the state of bliss or Ananda . Like the electrical appliances are so many be it bulb or be it fan but the electricity running through all these appliances is the same. This universal electricity is the Brahm or the soul. Vedanta’s reference is ‘Vasudhev kutumbhkam’ while Krishna calls this electricity the Atman. The same Atman that fire can’t burn and weapons can’t penetrate. ‘ Nainam chidanti shastrani naivam dahanti ch pavakah’.

The wise have tried to describe this collective consciousness as one organic unity of the same expression as Shiva and Shakti. The wave whose crest we perceive as love and trough as fear, dissolves in Atman and gets liberated from the psychological clutches of the mind forever . The modus operandi of the mind that identifies every sensation as pleasure and pain then expands to the no mind and seeks bliss automatically rather than running untamed for sensual mundane pleasures.

There is always a distance between the lover and the loved we recognise only when there is a gap. When the self dwells in duality and as long as this distance is there our repetitive mind
identifies with this division of time and space hence creating a perpetual conflict. Everything is hence turned mechanical with time. That’s why there is so much boredom and attraction for drugs, sex, fame and all such compulsions that create an ever ending tussel for more and more. Indeed, the more the devil gets the more it wants.

So If you are walking this path then strive to rise above the image be it of Shiva or Vishnu and strive for the Shivatav and the Vaishnav they are pointing at. The mind again to nail it never forget is a function of time and thought which are random psychological time made images need to be made directional and synchronised like a laser beam. This can happen when the lover and the loved dissolve in singularity and only the love remains. This love is called devotion or bhakti in its true sense. This is indispensable to rise in love rather than falling in love. Mind is always hungry for kissing the divine feminine nature of the existence but with a mask on the face and touching its heart with gloves in hands . It’s important to put them aside and embrace the cosmos so that the cosmos embrace you too and the confluence showers immortality that is you, aham bramhasmi.

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