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An empty mind is ‘DIVINE’ workshop

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Aayush Tiwari –

“An empty mind is devil’s workshop!” . Then a mind that is flooding with uncontrolled thoughts is whose workshop? Did the devil himself write this adage? When the vacillations of mind cease, when that honking of horns inside decrease it is divine not devilish.

It doesn’t mean that one should become dumb and insensitive. Nevertheless it must be understood that this supersaturated mind is today’s problem . To silence it is the need of the hour. This constant constipation of thoughts is the cause of sleepless nights, traumatic tension and all form of depressions.

Dheere- dheer h e – mana, dheere se sab hoye,

Mali sechey sau ghada, ritu aye fal hoye.

Just relax, take a pause, empty your mind for a while. See what descends thereafter. Grace will descend my friend. Patience and perseverance that effortlessly flows deaxends. Thoughts are important, feelings are important but at the right time, in a controlled mental/emotional atmosphere. This emptying of mind is the crux of all forms of meditation. Haven’t you heard Bruce Lee’s famous interview “Empty your mind, be water, my friend.”

Keeping yourself so busy that the mind can’t be emptied is a sign of disease (not at ease) . It shows that you are afraid of your own company. That’s why you need to remain engrossed in your this-hood and that-hood. Empty your mind, and out of that emptiness silence shall roar that the world shall hear.

“Instant coffee instant tea
That’s the way it seems to be.
Rush to get my lesson done ,
Rush to go outside and run.
Oh why are we in such a floody,
Everybody in such a hurry”

Poet unknown .

Give it a thought. An empty mind is divine’s workshop, a noisy mind is devil’s workshop. Isn’t it?


  1. Very well said in today’s scenario mind needs to be emptied.old phrase is seen front different angel. I liked the way it is written

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