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Meditation without devotion is a bad medicine.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Meditation without devotion is mechanical. Devotion without meditation is noise. Let’s come to the point and understand profoundly how navratri can help strengthening both devotion and meditation.

Since our sense organs are all outwardly directed , divine symbols, divine statues and divine codes are vital to form an inner map. The inner map using which the consciousness the life energies can navigate till the soul.

9 forms of Devi, as serene as Saraswati and as ferocious as Kali help us develope devotion required to jump inside in meditation. If devotion is not cultivated meditation can’t go beyond a few minutes. But, beware, you are not hallucinating with the images of Devi and the slaughtered demon. Razor sharp intellect is needed to decode the iconic truth behind the victory of the divine feminine Devi Durga over the animal instincts of buffalo headed Mahishasur.

Random thought patterns don’t have that velocity to penetrate till the deepest layers of our being. Love and devotion are the propeller. Devotion and love both remain superficial till they are scientifically understood by the mind to jump till the no-mind , the soul. Meditation is the medication for a wounded heart, a wounded soul and meditation without devotion is a bad medicine. An expired cough serup.

Devi, after having conquered the devil drops all weapons and becomes the divine silence, the linga Bhairavi. So after Pujan the visarjan into the divine river is also an exquisite icon. As we kill the Mahishasur inside , as the buffalo inside is devoured by the lion of Durga, grace descends. Some call it moksha, some call it Nirvana.

Ma sharde Kahan tu, Veena Baja Rahi hai.

Kis Manju gaan se tu jag ko lubha rahi hai.

May the divine song, chime your life. Happy Navratri 🙂

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