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The Ramanujan Number

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Aayush Tiwari –

Namagiri’s wonderboy

Srinivasan Ramanujan was not even a matriculate. With great difficulty he managed to bag a clerical job. Some ‘angel in disguise’ suggested him to write a letter to the famous Cambridge – Mathematician, Professor GH Hardy and fortunately he did. Funny it is that Ramanujan dint even care for ‘hi and hellos’ and sent a solution to a a couple of Geometrical theorems. Hardy was impressed to see such attitude and jumped on his seat wondering how someone so young can crack a mathematical predicaments so mysterious. He immediately wrote back to Ramanujan and invited him to England to brainstorm on such puzzles but as Hardy met Ramanujan for the first time, he immediately felt that he and all his works till then were so kiddish in the field of mathematics.

Ramanujan’s tilak and as his eyes rose to that point between the eye -brows (while solving
a problem) it became crystal clear to even an atheist like Professor Hardy that this had something to do with the third eye of Shiva.

(Reference: “Triyambakam Yajamahe” , Mahamrityunjay Mantra, Rig Veda)

The genius and capabilities of Ramanujan were such that they could not be the offshoot of any mental faculty. The intellect moves in time, imagination moves in time but hey what about intuition?

Thinking takes time, but Ramanujan’s answer Hardy’s questions dint take a second to smash all his no sooner any problem no matter how herculean was written down on the blackboard or put to him verbally in a blink came the answer . Not an iota of time gap required for thinking was present and hence It was very difficult for all the great mathematicians then ( and even till now) to understand how this was happening.

A problem which would take about ten to twenty hours even for an eminent mathematician, Ramanujan was solving them instantaneously and hence flabbergasted and envious was the entire intellectual community of Cambridge.

Nevertheless, one thing was clear to all that Ramanujan was not replying through the medium of the mind. He was not a very learned man. He was someone who had actually failed in matriculation. Besides this there was no sign of any distinguished intellectual ability in other worldly tenets , but as far as his connection with mathematics was concerned he was superhuman.

At the age of 36 Ramujan said goodbye to the world as most of the superhumans be it Narendra ( Swami Vivekananda) or be it Bruce Lee do. Ramanujan had conveyed a message to humanity accessing the ‘Natwar Network ‘ and hence there was no reason for him to drag unnecessarily for years other than leaving something for the future to synergise the Vedanta with Modern Science. This “something ” was the RAMANUJAN NUMBER.

He was in hospital, Hardy, along with two or three other mathematician friends, came to see him. Hardy parked his car in such a place so that Ramanujan could see its number plate and as he went into Ramanujan’s room something unprecedented and historical happened.

Ramanujan told Hardy that the number on his cab’s number plate was unique and immortalized this number 1729 as the Ramanujan Number with what he said next.

Taking you back to the that divine deathbed scene of Ramanujan with Hardy sitting right in front ready to give birth to something as mind blowing as the Ramanujan Number. So a tormented Hardy (seeing Ramanujan dying ) sobbed about the uniqueness of the number. As Ramanujan started explaining that the number had four special aspects to it and so on, Hardy interrupted again wondering how even enduring the ‘near- death’ experience Ramanujan could not refrain from dumbfounding all the atheists to which made a statement that still gives goosebumps to all the spiritual scientists and also to each and every atheist scientific minds (like GH Hardy and Stephen Hawkings). .This statement was “MY DEVI BLEED MATHS”. This Devi of Ramanujan was the “Namagiri Devi” and the number of that cab from which she spoke was the Ramanuja. Number 1729.

Hardy took six months to understand what Ramanujan meant, but he could only discover three of the four aspects.

On his death he left a will that research work on that number should continue, to find out the fourth aspect. Because Ramanujan had said there was a fourth, there had to be. Twenty-two years after Hardy’s death, the fourth was discovered. Ramanujan was right.

Ramanujan numbers, also known as taxicab numbers, are special integers that can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in multiple ways. These numbers are named after the renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who made significant contributions to the field of number theory.

The Ramanujan number, also denoted as Hardy-Ramanujan number, is a term used to refer to the number 1729. Ramanujan reportedly mentioned its significance during a conversation with mathematician G.H. Hardy while he was in the hospital. Hardy later described this number as “one of the most remarkable numbers in the whole of mathematics.”

The significance of 1729 lies in the fact that it can be written as the sum of two cubes in two different ways:

1^3 + 12^3 = 1729
9^3 + 10^3 = 1729

Ramanujan numbers or taxicab numbers, in a broader sense, are any natural numbers that can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in more than one way. These numbers have fascinated mathematicians for their unique properties and associations with various mathematical concepts.

Whenever he began to look into any mathematical problem something began to happen in the middle space between his two eyebrows. Both his eyeballs turned upwards, centering on that middle space. In Yoga, that space is described as the third eye spot. It is called the third eye because if that eye becomes activated it is possible to see events and scenes of some different world in their entirety. It is like looking out of your house through a small hole in the door, and suddenly, when the door opens, you see the whole sky. There is a space between the two eyebrows where there is a small aperture which sometimes opens – as in the case of Ramanujan. His eyes rose to his third eye while solving a problem. Neither Hardy could understand this phenomenon nor would other Western Mathematicians ever understand it in the future if they don’t take a leap from “space/time sphere into the space/time/consciousness reality. A synergy of Vedanta and Modern Physics to tap this ” natwar network” that would be the only remedy to combat most of the global problems to including the menace of mental health disorders.

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