ALAS ! It’s Sexual Fiction!

Thingummy that broke the sky into two.

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Aayush Tiwari –

As, you debate so forcefully on women empowerment, see your Sweety is watching ” Daughter seduced father” on Bad GPT. No, no it’s not just porn it’s the incest. It’s the zone where once only venerations used to prevail. .

Oh you are shouting. Your WHATs, Your HOWs? How’s that asked the bowler, it’s, not out, said umpire. Ok, When your madam googled ‘Jack and Jill, went up the hill’ for Pinky, the AI predicted her age . The global gangster at that moment laughed so loud in his office that his phone almost fell. But when you gifted the ‘Oversmart Phone’ to Dinky, he knew the what should be the notifications on her phone as she logs in.

Don’t be so furious, relax. Even if you manage, by your next life, to dash till the 369th floor, of that ‘Durg Khalifa’ they would have changed their locations by then. As your thoughts would reach till them, they would be having a coffee with the politician you voted last election.

Oh you are so cute, my friend, Mr Tinku. I even hesitate to tell you how much of the internet is the plenium dominium of porn industry. As the remaining rest is watched by my retainer Ramu . The remaining rest, by his priest Shyamu. The remaining rest of the rest sometimes I watch.

When Pinky was googling ‘Dinky’s Life with Dinku’, her favourite web series, it prepared algorithms to send her incest. He knew when she will watch what, as that what, is sought by automation, controlling minds these days. Hm, the hormonal development? These biological and psychological game are on the auto- pilot, generated by their BAD-GPT dear Gangu.

Shit, while my friend types this for you, the porn industry must have doubled their turn over. That video on Bible has managed ten likes but ‘Boss gang bang his secretary’ had crossed a million views in last 10 seconds. Even if I told you about their wealth a few minutes back I would have been so inaccurate. By the time Glad GPT types all this , they have decided whome to fund in 2024 elections. As when you shout Racebook stole all the data, the BAD GPT pin points your keywords in a micro second and tell the global gangster , who is taking oath in 2024.

When Chuunu was arguing so furiously with Munnu that this time Godi ji might win I showed my poem “Devil I am” to Pinky’s friend Dinky. Dinky frowned at me and said, “Yeck, so disgusting.” So I searched for my mam for a decade and asked upload it on

I was petrified that mam might call the police. Mam, nevertheless, smiled at me and said “My daughter Elliza is bored with these Bon Jovis, Oshos and UG Krishnamurthys. So why don’t you guys go for a drive! I almost wept telling mam, that Muniya fights with Tuniya as she thinks the owner of the Racebook is Richer than the owner Quitter. Mam’s smile was angeli. She said we loved your poem “Your who is this.”

I was shy, my sweat, my sleepless eyes and her beauty. Mam said chill!

Eliza, asked me on the way “Don’t you hate the global gangster”. I said, I used to, till I knew he gives what they want. She asked again “When did you come to know about him?”. I said ” I think I was 17/18 when I wrote ‘I am a devil’ in my copy”. She asked “Were you afraid at that time?” , I said “Yes”. She asked, “Are you afraid now.” I said “Not that much.” She giggled, “why not that much?” . I said because someone told me that the global gangster is afraid of the Universal ganster. She said “Jynx, his name is Shivam”. I said ” I thought Madhusudan”. She said Farid says that they both are same. I sad yes, Mansoor said they both are one . The safari guide said “Anal Haq” .

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