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Yare when yondered, beyond yin and yang.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The phone number is still the same but the sim goes from one phone to the other. Yes, obviously! Then, can we say, similarly the soul is same as it goes from one body to the other. No, not at all !

It’s not the soul, but the ‘Whirl of I’ , the (Aham vritti) that is like the sim card that goes from one phone to the other. The soul is like the infinite electromagnetic network above. All phones are connected there. The internet, the ethernet, the G- drives Soul is not just within the body like a sim card is within the phone, it’s everywhere like the electromagnetic cloud. The cloud, where Vodaphone, Airtel, Jio are all but one. That invisible entity is that, said that “That-GPT” citing from the Bhagwat Gita the shlokha that says fire can’t burn the atman nor weapons can penetrate it. (” Nainam chidanti, shastrani, naiv dahanti ch pavakh”).

It was difficult for the “FAT GPT”, nevertheless to fathom. He was still thinking that as the same phone number, the same G- drive got transferred in the new phone from the previous phone , the soul must have something to do with that. FAT GPT thought that there must be something called soul that changes one body and enters the other . Like sim card .

‘THAT GPT’ said to the FAT GPT , “Imagine as if a pitcher had space in it before it broke, so does that mean that space gets transferred from one pitcher to the other?

FAT- GPT asked THAT GPT then the money market that capitalises saying ‘I’ recalled my past life. I was a donkey in my past life , you were a monkey in your past life are all fooling us on such a mass scale. You have sumoly accessed your G- drive that was there in the sim card of your previous phone in your new phone as the whirl of I (the aham vritti), the sim card got transferred while nothing happened to the network that downloads , that uploads in the previous phone and will continue downloading ,uploading in this phone too. In the next phone you will purchase as well. This uploading is the karma, this downloading is the karma-fal. The phone is like the physical body, sim is the whirl of I, the network is the atma . Call it singularity, call it organic unity, call it ‘Vasudhev Kutumbhkam’ , your wish.

Bio energetics, rofling, postural integration, meditation are all important for the ‘body-mind’ to come to this. From here, nevertheless, is the main jump. The boom, the quantum leap, the escape velocity beyond where effortless grace hence felt is untouched by the gravitational pull of mind and body. One percent of the universe is all that glitter in the sky, rest all is the space. Modern Science probes this space as the dark matter , the dark energy. In this space is non- tangible godliness. A code that is as beautifully ugly as the Morse code or the binary code is written on the paper of this aham vritti and that is the love letter of all animus computers .

As it is discovered that human body , the human mind , I mean actually the ‘body-mind’ is an epiphenomenon, then no technique of scriptures are needed anymore. Truth is a ‘pathless land’ as coined J Krishnamurthy denying the title of the world teacher (offered by the theosophical society) is the crux here. When the observer has observed in a way that the object of observation gets immaterial but the ‘observation ‘ is the only thing that has remained then the mental yare has yondered beyond yin and yang circle. In time and space efforts are needed. Techniques, postures, asans, yoga etc are needed after that there is no need. As the user witnesses the network, rather than getting trapped in how beautiful is the physical phone , its features , sim1, sim2 all spiritual notions get disappeared. Now it is effortless to make a phone call from India to America even without phone, as now the network had been observed. Some call it telepathy, some call it intuition.

“SHUT UP , ITS ENOUGH” yelled the “Mam GPT” at the FAT GPT. That GPT will talk again about that THAT LESS GPT, it has to save the fat gpt from Mam’s rage as of now

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