Even Lord Ganesha could not recognise Shiv Ji and got beheaded.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Yes we don’t recognise Shiva despite the fact he knocks the door of our hearts every moment. What to say about the leyman when his own son lord Ganesha did not recognise the shivatv as he was under the instructions of Shakti not to allow anyone, beyond the gateway of mind. Shakti is nature, Shivam is the shoonya and Ganesha symbolises intelligence. The mouse Ganesha rides is the symbolic representation of the mind that dissects every fact with its razor sharp teeth. Shiva is there in the state of deep sleep, shiva is there in the state of meditation, Shiva is there in the state of spiritual intimate soul, Shiva is there in the rhythms of omkar. But do we recognise the natraj, do we recognise the mahakal. How can we as Shivam is the zero and anything multiplied with the zero is zero anything divided by the zero is infinity. So our mind de facto is not designed to capture that shivatv.

Moreover we are under the instructions of ma prakriti (Parvati) to stop the Shivam entering into the realms of the mind. Consciousness has to be propelled beyond the pull of the nature to enter into the escape velocity towards the. shivatv. The natural instincts have to be combated with sadhana to meet the divine. This 8s perhaps the latent truth this pauranik tale is pointing towards. That that is not Shiv is shav ( dead) and that is the way most people invest their lives who live in absence of the divine. Stop Shiva from entering into the prakriti and get beheaded as the ardhnarishwar is the infinite quest of this union of Shiva and Shakti that can’t be stopped. Well if you have been stopping this confluence from millions of lives stop it now and let the divine prevail, your head will be replaced with the head of the elephant whose trunk indicates the immense intuitive power against your limited rationality and whose huge ears indicate the soundless sounds of silence that is the omkar. May that union of shiv Shakti that you bow down to as the shiv linga make your life divine. Om namah shivaya.

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