‘Intuitive Hunch Technique’ for CLAT 2024.

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Aayush Tiwari –

With the release of the CLAT answer key every year, a storm of controversies always swirl. There are four to five questions every year that are the game changers as the real competition is always amongst the 10 percent of bone honing candidates. Rest of the crowd is generally the exam taker just for the sake of go with the flow .

For example in the IBPS Law Officer Mains there was a context based question ” Within how many days the arbitrator has to settle a matter under the SARFESI ACT “. Now under ‘exceptional circumstances’ the liquidators can increase the period of 60 days to 90 days. Now this type of question is a perpetual debate . If exceptional circumstances are not mentioned in the question the answer should be 60 days, but the correct answer was considered to be 90 days.

When such dilemma surfaces , rationality only wastes the limited time in the examination hall. Intuition and not rationality helps to tackle this anomaly . Intuition is not dependent on time and space nor is it a faculty of mind like thinking and memorizing. Therefore with the intuitive hunch technique the power of intuition can be developed within a month to solve these type of questions. . Many candidates this year will take the CLAT PG 2024 to encash the high profile opportunity to work as a law officer for the PSUs like ONGC, GAIL , BHEL via CLAT PG 2024.

For this a AIR under top fifty is a mandate and hence this issue of these four five perplexing questions must be dealt at war level. Market is full of noise , as far as strategies and tips for CLAT 2024 and IBPS LAW OFFICER is concerned. Therefore we don’t intend to overload the students with one more complexity. All that we wish is the power of intuition must be developed within a month via co ordination of left brain and the right brain.

This was the SOP( Statement Of Purpose) via intuition, post the ‘identification of the problem’ . Now comes the second aspect what is this hunch after the word intuition in the heading? . The candidates taking the exam are generally very nervous. This tension screens their spontaneous open mindedness required to tackle such questions. Hunch is an English word that defines a person who makes his/her moves without depending much on the established facts. This is also a key of the Nishkam Karm Yoga and Yagya detailed in chapter two and three of the Bhagawad Gita. . Intuition can only help when the mind is not clouded with fear and deploy it’s intuitive knack to it’s best. Therefore after a profound probe on more than a hundred techniques we have found the intuitive hunch technique to be the most important. This intuitive hunch is an ancient wisdom, being taught in various centres at Hrishikesh, Dehradun and Prayagraj.

Pertaining to the busy schedule of the students it might not be possible for them to visit these centres. Therefore News Space has exclusively explained the intuitive hunch technique in its Bhagawad Gita In Binary Codes series. Do email for a free pdf of this ” Vidyarthi-sanjivni’ . If the technique gives the desired results, the candidates will be supported by videos and expert guidance under the active vigilance of .

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