Gov Job Aspirants and The Union Budget 2024.

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Aayush Tiwari –

” Economics start speaking via mathematics as we delve deeper into it. Understand the subjectivity of the budget in form of equations like the way ‘Physics’ understand ‘Force’ only via mass * acceleration.”

So what if the interview board starts nudging with you on highly sensitive topics? What if the issue is directly concerned with national sentiments and you are petrified that your’s is a radical opinion. What if the board seems biased as far as an opinion is concerned?

I have a solution buddies. Use less words and more numerals. Reduce anything to zero by multiplying anything with zero and raise to infinity by dividing it by zero, as the context may be. This is possible only via a brute strategy that starta using statistics like the way Modern Physics use numericals like a tool. Indeed Mathematics is the language of God and Economics start speaking via mathematics as we delve deeper into it. Understand the subjectivity of the budget in form of equations like the way ‘Physics’ understand ‘Force’ only via mass * acceleration. Yes no contradicting definitions, only F = m*a and that’s it.

Only a profound understanding of the Union Budget can get an aspirant through the above mentioned situations. Why? because rather than emotions numericals are being used to make the assertions ultra logical. This is enough for an aspirant as compared to probing an endless collection of exasperating gazette related documents . Any government project, manifesto, scheme, vision, success, failure anything, can be substantiated first in mind and then verbally with a command over the final profit loss statement of the GOI.

So even if you are an introvert, engrossed like a scientist in your own world, one of the world’s most important elections, can’t be simply ignored. It’s important for every Indian to remain updated with the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 as no matter what it influences every realm without exception. From desperate arguments at the tea stalls till oration at world’s top conferences, any statement, assertion or context can be analysed like an expert making previous year’s Union Budget a basis. This evades the leyman approach and gives a specialist touch even on the highly subjective social issues like the Ram Mandir ( Ram Janm Bhumi ).

So, for example, as far as the hindutv model is concerned, let’s see how the above mentioned suggestion works. ( Specially for the students and the young, politically promising poster boys ). If a student is crystal clear with the total allotment of money for the ‘Soft Power Projection’, then he or she can easily decipher the failure or success of BJP’S Hindutv model.

Be it the income generated from the tourism generated around a temple premise, the indigenous employment opportunities hence generated for the cottage industry or be it the foreign donations hence received for such mega spiritual pursuits , if the Union Budget of the present ( current) year demands the same amount of financial allocation ( adjusted with the inflation as per the previous years )then the model is almost a hoax. Nevertheless if the allocated amount is decreasing with every passing year on all the tenets related to the Soft Power Projection, then the entire meta narrative is profitable.

This, mastery on the budgets ( Union and State) is indispensable for the students of all age. Every student aspiring for the National or State Government Jobs must endeavour to develope non refutable arguments derived from the union budget analysis to tackle till leading questions till the final interview stage. The quest for endless study material is useless therefore if a scientific approach is fostered just by mastering the yearly fluctuations of the gigantic budget statistics. The Balance Of Payment, GDP, GNP, Gov Reports and Indexes are all getting birth from the Union Budget, so master this one master document to master all. Else who knows better, jack of all ‘documents’ is the master of none.

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