Dreamer or Dogie ? Your style statement this winter onset.

Dreamer's industry vs 'Dogie Industry

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Aayush Tiwari –


On the lowest dimension of yin-yang, purush- -prakriti operates a billion dollar industry called the dogie-industry. It believes that womanhood is all about the bhaun-bhaun based buzz , oriented solely on revealing instincts( that too in a very tactical way). This Universe is a simulation declared Stephen Hawking notwithstanding the fact that based on this simulation works this pervert segment under the sophisticated facade of fashion. This nevertheless is a very rich and powerful industry.

On the other hand there is also a Dreamer’s Industry that knows that this prakriti is created to be observed the way we tried to explain ‘observation’ in the light of consciousness.

This is the dreamer’s industry!

Dreamer’s industry showcases the women right from Madam Marie Curie to Kalpana Chawla and in no way it is orthodox or conservative. But the difference is of the intention behind the capital influx. An intention that helps you foster a dream and visualise accordingly your style statements is the thought process of the dreamer’s industry. With the commercial angle sidelined this industry associates the dressing sense with the ladies that are changing the world. Again be it noted that in no way this industry is conservative or anti modern . From skirts to pilot uniforms its ambit is as broad as the mental horizon of the great lady-luck.

The dogie industry on the other hand moves with a bullet swift stimulus- response chain based on Ian Pavlo’s classically conditioned dog salivating seeing the opposite gender. Their strategy is always based on “mini skirt: long enough to hide , short enough keep it interesting .”

With the winters onset the changing room observes a billion dollar shift . So girls and boys, right from the lady scientist working late night in that leather jacket till the lad getting sad about winters screening the opportunity to promote revealing tendency over intellectual charisma it’s ultimately you who have to take the call.

Although this is a figment of our market research yet indispensable it is to relate this idea with something trending to make it in this light. Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas is ready for the dreamers and the old dream girl image. The movie is releasing on 27th October (2023) and seems a must watch for everyone who fosters a dream and toils to accomplish it. The script is based on the life of fighter pilot girl, Tejas Gill but more importantly it is also a byproduct of the typical Kangana Ranaut streak ( on the line of Queen and Manikarnika) determined to change the masculine feminine perception of the dogie industry.

What would be your fashion statement this winters ? The dreamer’s industry or the dogie industry ? It will be your call, you gotta decide.

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