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Purush and Prakriti

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Aayush Tiwari –

Prakriti is Shakti purush is Shiva. Prakriti doesn’t exist if there is nothing to observe it, purush has nothing to observe if the prakriti does not exist. Modern science is meeting the dialect poles of Purush and Prakriti with a concept of singularity called the space-time- consciousness.

The union of the both is described as the ardhnarishwar in vedanta. Have you ever wondered why opposite genders attract. It is not confined to some hormonal chemistry. Purush is the cosmic witness, prakriti is the cosmic beauty it witnesses. Both are incomplete without each other and both are non existential without each other.

Purush is masculine prakriti is the feminine. Purush is shivam Shakti is devi. The feminine beauty needs intellectual observation , the masculine intelligence needs the beauty it can observe. Between the two poles flow the electo- spiritual energy called the consciousness. The resistance in between is the maha-maya that must be overcome for this union.

Now the science has reached to the point where it is in absolute harmony with the non dual , advait vedanta. Space-time sphere is the observed , consciousness is the observer. The union of both is non dual called the space-time-consciousness. Here the observer is the observed as coined by J Krishnamurthy and the empirical basis is the photon in the double slit experiment.

What all of these together reveal is the dream of Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday and Stephen Hawking , the grand unified theory. Formulation of all forms of energy in one. something like E equals MC ^2. Einstein once quoted that religion without science is blind , science without religion is lame. This quote is getting true as the synergy of vedanta with physics is gradually revealing the metanarrative behind spiritual science integration. It is mesmerizing and bewildering, that will be practically helpful in the near future to tackle the biggest menace, the mental disorders today. We have covered the topic before in our blog Sad GPT and Glad GPT orison to cure clinical depression. This blog is deeply recommended by us for our readers to get in tune with the crux of this astounding and pragametic subject matter.

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