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Devi’s Passive aggression slayed Mahishasur.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Mahishasur as the folklore, goes could not be conquered by a male. Somewhat similar to Bhasmasur who chased even Lord Shiva but was reduced to ashes by Mohini. Why?

The divine feminine must be understood.Let’s take a time tour and land at Dinkar’s Urvashi. The emperor says ” I can bout with a lion ,I can conquer the Mount Everest. Why still I feel like keeping my head in your lap and weep, Urvashi”. That is passive aggression. Vishwamitra was in deep meditation and Maneka appeared, shewn, all gone. The passive aggression .

Such is the power of feminine. A man will run and capture the moon for his love, nevertheless he is not the chandrayan, he has to fall down. The woman on the other hand will open her curtains and the moonlight shall come in automatically. This must be learnt.

This Mahishasur lives within us. As says Kabir
“Bura Jo dekhan mai chala
Bura mila na koye,
Jo man khoja aapna ,
To mujhse bura na koye”.

Peep inside and see what a fierce monkey is the markat- man ( monkey mind) that causes the mischief. Look inside and see what is there, you will definitely find that terrible buffalo headed Mahishasur within seconds. That is why it is so difficult to meditate for most of us.

Don’t fight with the mind you will be doomed. Male aggression ready to fight will be defeated by mind that functions in time. Time is called kaal by Hindus. Patience of a woman can take till timeless else no chance at all. See what Kabir has to say.

Chalti chakki dekh ke diya Kabira roye.
Do paatan ke beech se, sabut bacha na koye.

These two poles of the universal grinder are time and space. Passive aggression and not agression is needed to slaughter this devil that breaks havoc in time and space. Slaughter this Mahishasur with Devi’s grace and move towards the inner vista of the soul. That zone is satyam shivam sundaram.

May the blessings of Devi , help you find the peace inside.

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