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Mythological animal sacrifice meant to slaughter the ‘animal instincts’ inside, not bloodshed.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Sacrificing our animal instincts that overpower rationality in the moments of anger, lust or jealousy was the subject matter the wise men intended to point out. It pains seeing the brutality being committed on animals in the name of religion. Why has humanity stooped so low that God, that is synonymous to mercy, compassion and love is considered to get pleased with the shower of blood of innocent animals. Has not such spiritual ignorance caused thousands of wars just in the name of religion. It’s high time to realise that spirituality means to peep inside and reach to that inner peek from where the river of empathy flows.

” Religion without science is blind, Science without religion is lame” said Albert Einstein. Spirituality is the exploration of the self while science is the exploration of the objects outside. Imbalance of any of these two disturbs the existential equilibrium of a comprehensive human being. The synergy of modern physics with Vedanta shouts that a scientific approach towards spirituality is a must as spirituality itself is scientific just like science is spiritual deep inside. From Neils Bohr to Oppenheimer so many modern physicists regarding the Vedanta so high proves beyond reasonable doubt that the wisdom coded in spiritual texts is latent, covert, symbolic and highly scientific. Therefore the rituals born out of it need an intense brainstorming too before they become a cult. Besides this we must not forget that common sense is getting most uncommon these days. If progressing in the path of spirituality one does not feel getting immersed in bliss and joy with each step rather in screams and blood of innocent creatures then there must be something fundamentally wrong in the approach.

Upanishads have clearly indicated that the Maya that creates all kinds of illusions is not outside but inside the mind that processes all the images our sense organs project. Majority think that Maya is outside that bluffs but the universe is not an illusion rather the way we perceive it is definitely an illusion because of our deeply conditioned mind. Nobel prize in physics 2022, points out the delusional nature of our three dimensional perception and not that that the universe in itself is deceptive. Therefore acute self observation to figure out the animal instincts that pull us down is indispensable. Animal instincts that cause actions in the moments of anger pondering over which later we regret must be first identified in meditation and then slaughtered and offered to the god or goddesses we intend to please.

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